DRM on Assassin's Creed 2 PC to require constant Internet connection


In return for not requiring the disc to be inserted and an unlimited number of installs, you have to have a constant Internet connection to play. If your connection drops while you’re playing you lose all progress since the last save point.

Do they really not want to develop PC games, are they trying to piss off PC users? Is their company working against itself by implementing those sort of DRM restrictions? Unbelievable. If I was on the PC development team I’d be pissed.

Yep, it’ll be cracked in a week, so the pirates won’t have to worry about this. But you if you actually give Ubisoft your $40, you have to worry about your wireless connection flickering off otherwise the game stops. I thought after the Spore fiasco we were clearly moving away from this sort of thing, but this is the worst proposal yet. And it will be completely ineffective and just annoy customers, just like every other attempt to do this.

When you make the pirated version of a game clearly and substantially superior to the legit version, you are not helping yourself.

Fortunately, my wireless connection is absolutely perfect. It does not drop every few minutes. :frowning:

I didn’t need another game anyway.

PC games are likely such a small blip in their revenue stream that they don’t really care what you think.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…

Once again the pirates will provide a better product, sad.

Ubisoft = Idiot’s

Guess they did’nt take any lessons from “Spore”


So it’s essential using the same method as every multiplayer game for the last decade. Seems like a decent idea.

The difference, of course, being that it’s not multiplayer…

Right… cause the boat load of money PC games like the WOW series, the Sims series, and the half-life series coupled with a wider profit margin on the PC (thanks to digital downloads and no fees that go to console manufacturers) don’t mean anything :rolleyes:

On the other hand, I agree that they shouldn’t expect to make much money with a DRM scheme like that. I know they lost a sale from me.

The age old PC/console crapfest.

I’m 99+% a PC gamer, and I understood Cubsfan’s comment. This game is primarily a console game, and the PC sales, while nice, are gravy. They will move many more copies on consoles of Assassin’s Creed 2. It doesn’t have to be a comment on the state of PC gaming, and every time someone points out that console ports are more lucrative on consoles doesn’t mean someone has to come in and defend PC gaming. It’s not like he slapped your mother or kicked your puppy.

Just because its not a large part of their profit is no reason to sell crippleware, in fact it makes even less sense.

It’s really more a comment on the idiocy of introducing “anti-piracy” measures that actually encourage piracy. One of the main reasons people don’t bother with piracy is because it’s often a pain in the butt. When you make using a legitimate copy even MORE of a pain in the butt, you’re removing even that barrier to entry.

It’s a lesson that apparently anyone who ISN’T a corporate suit at a gaming publisher understands.

Actually, no, it isn’t, it’s considerably worse. If i’m playing an FPS online, and drop from the game, my score will still exist on there if I can get back on. If i’m playing an MMORPG, and I find a nifty item, and then my connection fails, when I get back online i’ll still have the item.

With this system, progress is (much like most non-online multiplayer games) saved occasionally, not constantly. If I find a nifty item in AC2, and my connection fails, if I didn’t get a chance to save my game or to have it happen automatically, then I won’t have that item when I get back on. If I put up a high score, or perform a difficult feat, then halfway through drop out, then my score is lost, my feat unrecorded.

It’s a much worse system than every multiplayer game for the last decade. Vastly.

So what? If the game crashes you could lose your itamz too.

Does everyone live in some third world wasteland or something? I can’t remember the last time my internet went down. I’m 99% sure game stability is going to be a bigger problem than internet stability if you’re worried about losing stuff.

Hell, the greatest damn game in the world used this system. Diablo 2 US East 4 life.

Good to see developers are looking to expand the meta-gaming experience. I’m all in favour of this sort of thing; I think actual gaming is overrated.

What problem is DRM like this meant to solve?

Do they think it won’t be disabled in pirated versions, or is there some other reason for it?

I think it’s to kill PC sales of the game so that they can justify to the shareholders why they’re not going to bother to port to PC anymore.

They’re hoping it’ll prevent piracy long enough that the people who want the game will buy it instead of download it. They don’t care if it’s broken after six months, since the people who’re going to buy it already have by then.