DrMatrix, Why'd You Close My Thread?

In response to the closing of this thread:


 I would only like to ask, (very nicely), why was my thread closed? If it was the fear of my doing this, I think that in my OP, it had already been established about twice, that I would NOT do this, since I was anticipating this kind of response.
 My apologies if I have annoyed you with this (or the original) thread, I never intended to.

Thank you,

That looks like what Manhattan used to call an “asked and answered” question. Enough people had chimed in saying that your actions were not justified, and on top of that the moderator may have just felt uncomfortable about this type of hypothetical question floating around in GQ. The thread kind of looks like you’re fishing for some smartass to come along and tell you that your behaviour would be justified. Next thing you know, you’re at the Homoe Depot buying duct tape and a staple gun.

If you’re only asking for clarification as to why your thread was closed, and not actually complaining about the closure – why not just email DrMatrix and discuss this that way, Topaz?

Ice Wolf, I’ve seen similar questions to yours asked about other threads and I have a theory: Since the thread closing was publicly posted, an explanation that’s publicly seen is asked for.

I could be way off, though.

Yeah, could be, NoClueBoy. I just thought that, rather than put up a thread over here, like waving an arm in the air and yoo-hooing DrMatrix on the off-chance he sees this, wouldn’t an email have been more direct?

Unless Topaz did intend for this to be a public statement anyway …

It never occurred to be a good choice for me to E-Mail him. I saw it as sort of being a bit…“WHY DID YOU CLOSE MY THREAD?!” angry, perhaps?

I bet it’s got something to do with the fact that SDMB operates at a loss and they don’t want to get messed up in legal disputes. You may have said that you weren’t going to do it and that it was purely hypothetical, but if some troll popped in and said that you would be justified, some lurker could take that as truth and do it. They could later say they saw it on SDMB and thought it was legal. Then we all lose.

That’s pretty much why I closed it. You were asking if illegal actions would be justified. The answer to “Are you legally justified?” (No) was already given. Anything more would be opinions and treading on possibly advocating illegal actions.

DrMatrix - GQ Moderator

Ah, thank you, DrMatrix.

Your thread did have an interesting element. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen the “giving someone the finger” emoticon reply. I didn’t realize it was possible to do this.



I don’t get that out of it at all, astro. If I had to guess, I’d say it was intended to convey narrowed eyes/non-amusement.

One more reason I remain a big fan of language.

That wasn’t a middle finger, it’s a smiley for The Anime/Manga Sweatdrop. ^_^;

So maybe it could be either, and the mods would never know, even if you used it in a more polite forum. Hmmm…

Middle finger? I’m sorry, but what drugs do you have to smoke/suck/swallow/inject/inhale to see a middle finger in that?

Huh? It appears to be a picture of a native Indian to me – hey, let’s do ink-blot tests!

Sorry. Carry on.

ARE YOU BLIND!!! Don’t you see it. It’s right there!!!.. wheeze… must get more laudanum… but where, at this time of night!!!


Damn… now it’s just wallpaper… or an ice skater… an ice skater giving you the FINGER!!!

What is a troll?

I always pictured a middle finger as being “iilii”


Those guys who club stuff with clubs and are all trollish and tall and fugly.