Droid vs iPhone

I’m switching to Verizon tomorrow since AT&T’s service hasn’t been great. I still can’t decide between Droid and iPhone though. I don’t do all that much with the phone, I mostly text and call people, but I do use several smartphone features (such as GPS) often enough that I’m definitely going between these two. I have an iPhone now, and it’s excellent. I’m used to it, it has good apps, I don’t use its music support because I have a much larger iPod, but I’m overall very happy with it. The thing is, I also have an iPad ('twas a gift), so if I need any iPhone apps, I could get them there and also have Droid apps if I got a Droid phone.

How different are they? My only real gripe with iPhone is lack of any hope for flash support, which I understand the new Droid OS is compatable with, but how different are they? I’ve looked up some tech reviews and comparisons, but I really can’t decide. Would it be easier to stick with what I’m comfortable with, or is there a good reason to go to the Droid side?

And yes, I realize that “Droid” is rather broad, feel free to recommend your personal favorite Verizon Android-based phone.

As an owner and lover of a Droid X, it’s hard for me to see any reason for you to switch.

The Droid is somewhat more open (letting you tether, replace the software keyboard, have homescreen widgets and such) but those are minor things.

There are still iPhone-only apps, Android has no good games except Angry Birds, flash support is overrated (sure it’s nice to have, but it’s slow and small and most websites of note will have iPhone support anyway).

Android fragmentation continues to be an issue even for flagship phones and there’s guarantee you’ll get updates on time or at all.

That said, why don’t you go to a Verizon store and play around with the different models yourself?

I have had a Verizon Droid X for maybe 5 months. My wife just got a Verizon iPhone on Friday. In playing around with her iPhone, I’m glad I have my Droid. The screen is significantly bigger. It also seems to be more touch responsive than her iPhone. I don’t know how customizable her interface is, but you can make the Droid look any way you want it to look.

There are more games than just Angry Birds - Robo Defense, Drop 7, Flood It, Words with Friends, are just the ones I play regularly.

That said, unless you dislike the iPhone, why switch if you’re used to it?


The other thing to keep in mind is that there will likely be an iPhone 5 in about 3 months.

I’ve been developing Android apps lately, so I’ve got a pile of Android devices lying around here - a couple phones, a tablet. My personal phone? An iPhone.

I think eventually Android is going to take over, but for now, the iPhones are superior IMO. Unless you really, really despise iTunes (and I know some people do), I’d stick with the iPhone.

Android is still a fractured market. All the hardware vendors are trying to make their particular device stand out, with various levels of success. I’ve downloaded plenty of Android apps that don’t quite work right on device X, or my version of Android isn’t supported, or it works fine until you try function Y, then you have to reboot the phone.

iPhone isn’t perfect, but generally, you don’t get this kind of behavior. Also I’ve found that if you’re used to iPhone, Android isn’t nearly as intuitive. I’m always clicking around going “where the heck is the settings/browser/contacts list?”

That’s my 2 cents. I think in a couple years the Android world is going to be a lot different, but by then, you’ll be in the market for your next phone anyway.

Just my personal experience here, but in the several months since I got my iPhone, I’m finding fewer and fewer websites that don’t have a Flash workaround. I would (again, personally) not let the Flash thing be a deciding factor unless there’s like one website that you want to use heavily from your phone that requires Flash.

What I hear about how restrictive Apple is with their app store really turns me off iPhone. The Mark Fiore incident especially:

They actually rejected a political cartoon app from a Pulitzer Prize winning cartoonist because it “ridicule[d] public figures”. Sure, they let it back after people raised a stink about it, but god knows how many apps were and are rejected that we don’t hear about because they aren’t from a Pulitzer Prize winner.

Well, the upside of that restriction is that you won’t likely have to run anti-virus software on your iPhone, where you may well be forced to do so on your Android.

Another option is to get the Android phone - and keep your iPhone but deactivated, as an iPod Touch.

I’m leaning toward getting an Android (Droid X) in the very near future - we’re Veridiots also here. I have a 64 gig iPod Touch that I got about a year ago to use as a PDA. It has ALL my music on it, not to mention a lot of games / applications.

While there’s probably a decent Android-based app for pretty much anything I need, this will ease the transition. Not to mention, I can have one device for games and fun stuff, and another that can make phone calls when I need it without having to worry that I ran the battery down playing Cut The Rope :).

Obviously this will mean that I’ll be carrying 2 devices a lot of the time… then again, I’m a girl and carry a big purse anyway.

I actually thought about getting an iPhone for Verizon but it’s got less memory (max 32g), and the non-replaceable battery etc. are a turnoff. I tend to be hard on battery life.


I loves my Droid X, but if you’re happy with your iPhone I don’t see any reason for you to switch.

You sure about that?

Are you really sure about that?

Just because it says Apple on it does not mean it is totally secure.


I don’t think the 5 will be a major upgrade. Probably just a slightly faster 4, with a couple of firmware features. Prices on the 4 will drop a bit, but I don’t know that it’s worth waiting several months for.

It was blocked based on content, so that’s not the case. If it was another “fart app” but had a virus, it would have went through.

Heh. Dude, you should really follow your links before just Googling for “iphone virus” and pasting the search results here. Why don’t you go watch the video for that one?

As for the rest, the only known iPhone viruses attack jailbroken iPhones. So if your iPhone is jailbroken, that would be a concern. Otherwise, not.