Why is it that I sometimes drool in my sleep?I’ve noticed this in other sleepers,too.

Are my mental proceeses slowed down sufficiently that I’m rendered a babbling idiot? :slight_smile:

It does take me a little time in the morning until the 1st cup,that I can think clearly,usually.

Maybe your tooth paste you are using at night keeps the saliva going. Try switching brands.

I used to think slower people (in speaking) and those with draws were stupid … thats the last time i make that mistake…

Mabey your thinking of food? :smiley: Or its heridty? (go with the second one, :wink:

Dear God – everything has a name around here! It’s sialorrhea.

The article goes on …

Ice Wolf…in my most “easy” words: Good Job, we should use google more often.

The googles, they do nothing !!!

Patience, th’ wisdom will come!
I’m kidding! I’m kidding! :smiley:

The reason you drool is that you sleep with your mouth open.
You couldn`t drool if you slept with your mouth closed and breathed through your nose. My son sleeps with his mouth open and drools. This is hereditary on his part because his mom (my ex-wife) was also an open mouth sleeper and drooled. They are also very heavy sleepers which may have something to do with it.

Thank you ** Ice Wolf ** for the link.I think I’ve discovered the cause.Looks like a combination of sleep posture and sinus swelling from this winter hot air heat.

What about day time droolers?

Perhaps TMI, but I got an ortho expander at the top of my mouth which caused me to begin making excess saliva, and no I still have that even though the expander is out.

Occassionally, (once/week, in public), I’ll be sitting in class with my mouth open when disaster strikes, and I’ll always realize it in that split second between when the drool leaves your mouth and it begins its long, precipitious descent onto the desk, leaving me crying out in my mind,


But it’s too late.

Any suggestions? Does changing tooth-paste really make a difference?

The BBC have an Ask the Doctor page on excessive saliva in general, threemae, including the following intriguing paragraph:


Um, you say you have your mouth open when these saliva attacks hit. Are you a mouthbreather for some reason (blocked sinuses, etc.)? That might act as part of the problem.