Drop Bears

Australia - Boulder, Colorado calls and raises.

This is two blocks from my daughter’s house.

Meh. A true drop bear would use the razor sharp claw on its pinkie to slice that thing into stir fry, while setting a whole new benchmark in nonchalance.

That article was filled with great ridiculous quotes.

“A bear falls from a tree after wildlife officers tranquilized a bear that climbed about 15 feet up a tree”- great captioning there.

Chestnutt realized she just had a brush with a black bear. “It was like, ‘Excuse me, pardon me, coming through.’ It was running full speed,” she said. “I felt privileged to have the encounter.” *
“Now that it’s knocked out, we should be able to pet it,”
said Josh B.

*“I’m going to be late for class,” *said Kristina L., a CU freshman from New York who had never seen a live bear.

That first picture is an instant classic.

Also it’s not ironic that it was near Bear creek, there’s probably a reason why it got the name. Morons.

The entire article sounds like it was written by monkeys with typewriters and edited by a 2nd grader.

I love the “excuse me, pardon me” bit, but the speaker should feel privileged/relieved that the bear wasn’t pissed off, really…

Strangely, the Rapture only applied to bears.

I can only hope the bear bounced off the trampoline and onto a police car just off camera in a Loony Toons fashion.

I’m afraid I must insist the photoshop experts get to work on this one right now. I want that bear image to appear in all kinds of settings. Tight-rope walking, reclining on a beach holding a drink, standing in between Danny Devito and The Governator…everywhere.

Now get busy!

Behind the fellas speaking at press conferences.

Multiplied and doing a line dance

That photo was too funny. I propose the title “vertigo bear”.

Wading through skyscrapers ala Godzilla

Preparing to throw a spear (right-pawed)

Dribbling a basketball while being guarded by several Lakers

I wish I had gotten to pet the bear!

. . . standing next to Angelina Jolie at the Oscars . . .

“Wheeeeeeeeeee!”, the bear was qouted whilst making its escape.

The bear was struck by two cars and killed.



No, Johnny, no! I can’t hear you. La la la sniff lalalala. :frowning:

My brother in suburban NJ had a bear cub up in a tree four houses down from him. From the videos my nieces took, I think that with a just a little more chutzpah (or perhaps mom/dad not being there, since neither seems to lack that quality), they probably could’ve petted the darn thing.