Dropped my laptop: Fixable?

I dropped my HP 550, Compaq, onto the floor yesterday…twice!

So, when I reboot, I get a black screen with Compaq centerred in the middle in white text.
At the lower left hand are two lines of text:
Press esc for different setup order.
Pressf10 for…something…
I’m away from computer, so I can’t remember for sure what it is.
When I press f10, I get a screen with ‘diagnostics, x, x,x’ tabs.
When I press enter it goes either back to the compaq screen, or stays on the same screen with the tabs on it.
So, when I press escape, or don’t press anything, the screen goes to a black screen with “No operating system Identified”.
So, Is my computer hosed, or did I just knock the OS off? Will a reinstall of an operating work, or is it broken totally?
I don’t have any discs, or anything from the manufacturer, but, it was a Windows vista, so will I have to pay for a new OS?


It’s telling you it can’t find and/or access the drive. If the drive is the only thing damaged consider yourself very fortunate. A new 160 to 320 gig SATA notebook drive can be had at Best Buy or Newegg for 50-80 dollars. Use your OS install CD if you have one or you can buy a new one from Compaq/HP for around $ 15 or so.

On the other hand if the unit is misbehaving because the notebook MB is fractured you are in pretty deep poo affordable repair-wise.

Here are your specs. The drive is an SATA notebook drive.

Did you check to see if the hard drive is still properly seated? If so, see if you can boot from an external boot disc on a CD or flash drive.

OK, what CD or external boot disk?
I have one source that says I can download a recovery disc, I’m suspecting that that’s the same thing?

Best wishes,

Thank you very much!