Drug Interactions

I’m a partially disabled Viet Nam vet who gets most of my care from the VA - usually very good in my area. My psychiatrist recently switched me from Xanax to Valium cause it’s easier to get off of. I’m also taking Wellbutrin for depression which seems to be causing ongoing slight nausea - just bad enough to be irritating (I’ve been on it a couple weeks now). They just prescribed Promethezine HCL for the nausea which seems to be a pretty common drug for this. The problem is, the side effects will probably keep adding up. He’s weaning me off the Valium - I went from 5 mg 3 times a day to 2-1/2 tabs (12.5 mg) - I see him June and he’ll probably lower it to 10 mg a day. What other experiences have some of you had with Wellbutrin - it’s supposed to work wonders but it’s a bitch to get on with the side effects. I’d be interested in hearing other people’s thoughts on this - I have a bad habit of reading the paperwork that comes with the meds and it will scare you off from taking anything!
BTW: I’ve been on the Wellbutrin about two weeks.

I’ve been using Coke syrup, flat Coca Cola and soda crackers to keep it under control but can’t get rid of it completely - I hear it takes a while.

I’m a newbie here - interesting forum for sure.


Hi Skip! Welcome to the SDMB! Hopefully, one of our medical peeps will see this, but in the meantime, have you tried candied ginger and/or peppermint or ginger tea? My hubby has nausea issues from some meds he takes and Crohn’s disease, and these will usually take care of mild nausea for him.

If you’re taking regular Wellbutrin, ask your doc about switching to Wellbutrin SR (sustained release) usually taken twice a day, or Wellbutrin XL (extended release) taken once a day. One of these may help with your nausea.

I have to take a handful of pills (prescriptions and supplements) every day, for multiple problems. There’s no way for them to test all of them against each other for side effects. And when something goes wrong, I have no idea whether it’s one of the original problems or a side effect. It’s basically just a crap shoot.

Au contraire mon ami. On drugs.com you can enter all of your medications which can then be checked for interactions among each other. The interactions are listed as major, moderate or minor with detailed information about the interaction. It will also list any food / alcohol interactions as well.

I’m sure there are other medical / drug oriented sites that offer similar tools.

Make sure that you create an account so that you can save your list.