Drug sniffing dogs and PX pills

Can drug sniffing dogs detect pills? if so, do all pills smell the same, ie, does a foil pack of nyquil set them off the same as similar pack of illegal pills?

Well, first of all pills are generally a solid form of medication mixed in a (generally) benign excipient. Nyquil is a capsule, which is generally a gelatin capsule filled with liquid medication.

That said, it depends on what is in the medication, how it is being transported and what the concentration is. My brother’s dog is trained to smell for explosives but won’t go off because of someone with gunpowder residue on them. He’s not sniffing for gunpowder because gunpowder bombs aren’t really an issue.

If you were carrying…say…marijuana pills loose in your pants, the pills would rub up against one another causing particles of marijuana to be dispersed into the atmosphere where the dog could detect them, should you come upon a drug sniffing dog. The same pills in brand name packaging would be far less likely to shed particles from their packaging.

so if I had a few stray fragments of grass that fell into the cuff of my slacks a drug dog could possibly alert?

makes note to self to do laundry before flying home from Amsterdam just in case of accidental pot fluffies getting onto clothing

So if you put your meth in capsules and then somehow “cleaned” them to remove meth traces from the outside, could it get past a sniffer?