Drug use in movies.

While watching the movie The Kids recently it was brought to my mind that I always wondering how they use some types of drugs in movies. Alcohol is easy enough to simulate. Herion can be simulated with baby powder, though i dont know how they snort it. But what do they use for weed? I know they could use tobacco but as far as actually showing it. For those not familer with the movie they show young kids rolling a joint then smokeing it. Do they actually use real weed? I am sure they dont smoke it but rolling it up looked like weed what else could they use? And what else did they use to have the kids smoke it since it coudlnt be tobacco because they are to young for that? Do studios get away with things like this because it is “art”

Oregano has long been thought to look like weed. Perhaps they use oregano (just my WAG).

All you need is some plant that looks vaguely like marijuana when dried. It shouldn’t require a degree in Botany to get a couple of ounces of such a plant from some hippie herbal store.

I seem to recall some instances of movies where the actors actually smoked real pot on camera. But that’s not a function of “getting away with it because it’s art”, is a function of “getting away with it because how are the cops going to prove it was real pot”. And even then it’s generally not a crime to smoke pot or to be high on pot, rather it is a crime to possess pot.

BTW: the snorting of white powdered drugs? Confectioner’s (powdered) sugar.

I heard somewhere that they snort vitamin B-12 powder. I thought that was odd.

B-12 powder? Possible, I suppose. Never heard of it, though.

The weed in question in the movie was actaully buds. Though that would be hard to fake

According to the commentary track on Cheech and Chong’s Up In Smoke, they used “stunt dope”, that is, dried lettuce.

Such as?

I’ve always wondered about the snorting thing, too. They appear to actually snort the powder. Even if it is something other than cocaine, wouldn’t it hurt?

I guess actors put themselves through worse for movies (cite Edward Norton), but still.

I seem to recall Dennis Hopper or some such claimed it during some interview, but I can’t say for sure.

Anyway, while it might be possible that certain Hollywood Bad Boys have smoked real pot on camera as a lark, there’s no particular reason to do so. I’m not sure why the OP thinks a hunk of dried up herb would be so difficult to duplicate.

I thought I’d read that the fake cocaine was powdered milk. I remember an interview (look I’m old, I can’t provide a cite) where an actor talked about snorting the powdered milk and then later when his sinuses began to drain from the irritation having milk come out of his nose.

Er, how do you smoke pot without possessing pot? Or are you just saying that once you’ve smoked it you no longer possess it?

Midnight Cowboy. I always thought that was an UL, though.


Very easy to fake, actually.

Easy Rider.

From a site reviewing the DVD release and discussing the included “Shaking the Cage: The Making of Easy Rider”:

The Canadian television show “Trailer Park Boys” has an entire season in which the main characters grow and harvest weed, from a very very large field. A large field full of weed.

In the DVD commentary, they talk about how it’s a hemp farm, and the hemp farmer was really nice to let them bring both a bobcat (the animal, not the machinery) AND a bus full of singers into his fields.

Sorry, don’t have any info on how they smoked it, though. I’m sure they studied hard!

I would think in some of your smaller independent films at least the real thing is used- a misdemeanor at best if caught, no suits to tell you not to, and trying to find something realsitic but fake would be a hassle. And plus, if the actor is supposed to be acting high, its easier if they actually are :wink:

Manitol is also a lovely substitute for coke- in fact, it has been used as a cut as well.

So I’ve heard.

I thought about that, but came to the opposite conclusion. I can see where having had prior, real experience getting high would be useful, in terms of knowing how to act high. But, since you are supposed to be acting high while delivering memorized lines in a pre-determined fashion, I imagine that letting the actor actually get high would create a distraction that would cause the lines to get flubbed too much and ruin the scene.