drugs and plasma donation

I want to give plasma. First of all, I want to give it because I work with kids whose lives depend on the products made from plasma. Also, I have to admit I want a bit o’ spending money. But…

When I went to start the whole giving plasma thing, I found out because I take Celexa, they won’t let me donate. The lady said “i think there’s some meds you can take and they’ll still let you donate, but not with Celexa. Thanks so much for coming and trying…and if you ever get off of it, bring a doctor’s note and we’ll let you try again”

I can understand that, believe me. But does any Doper out there know of any antidepressants I can take other than Celexa and it still be alright to give plasma? This is something I really want to do. Maybe armed with this information, I can talk to my doctor and try to switch meds, and depending on that, start giving.

Thank you!


IMO, it wouldn’t be a good idea to switch medications for this reason. Antidepressants are a fickle bunch, and if you have found one that works for you, changing it just so you would be eligible to give blood is a risky proposition. I would suspect that the prescribing doctor would tell you the same thing.