Drumming Finger Direction

When you drum your fingers, that is to say, tap your fingers upon a surface, one after the other…in which direction do you drum?

I said index, although I usually start with the thumb…

There exists a people who drum from index to pinkie?? Who are these Index people? What is their language? What are their customs?

I’m asking because I drum Pinkie first, yet my wife drums index to pinkie. My children are split…so I’m trying to determine if this is a genetic thing…recessive or dominant.

I do it either way… When I tried to check for the purposes of this poll I ended up not being able to decide which I do more. Sorry!

I can, with enough concentration, go index-to-pinkie, but pinkie-to-index is much more natural.

Pinkie to index here.

Ditto. I just tried to do index-to-pinkie; feels very weird, and my hand looks like a spider going through a seizure when I try it. :smiley:

I just tried it and I can do either fine with equal ability but it feels more natural to start with my pinkie.

ETA - I did, however, used to play the piano.

Zsofia, piano playing has also come up in the family data. Wife and 2 sons play…but the boys are opposite drummers…inconclusive thus far.

We members of the thumb-first-finger-drumming tribe make our children learn to play a native instrument called the piano. You usually play scales on the piano thumb to pinkie, so you learn to drum your fingers the same way. I suspect the index-first tribe may do something similar.

I can drum my fingers the other way without much difficulty, as well. Not surprising, as you do also use that motion in playing the piano. Thumb-to-pinkie feels most natural to me, though.

Do non-piano-players drum their fingers on both hands, and, if so, do they both go pinkie-to-index? I drum my fingers on both hands, and they both most naturally go thumb to pinkie. If you just use one hand, is it your dominant hand (a right-hander’s right hand or a southpaw’s left), or the other hand?

I cannot drum from index to pinkie. For what it’s worth I have played both piano and drums before.

Wow. I thought everybody drums from index to pinkie. From pinkie to index feels weird.

And I don’t play piano.

I’m afraid my tribe may have to go to war with yours - I played for about 20 years and minored in piano in college. I drum from my pinky.

Both ways, almost always alternating, and with both hands. Sometimes I’ll tap my thumb against my fingers in order, and often when I do this, I’ll do both hands, but start at a different finger.

I’m a dancer, and apparently a thumb tapper artiste.

Non piano player and I go both ways :wink:

Then again, I taught myself to drum pinkie-to-index with my left hand and they both feel natural - right hand index-to-pinkie is more consistent/easier than pinkie-to-index.

Then again, I think I’m a frustrated ambidextrous person: although I write right-handed - I step forward with my left foot almost exclusively and would much rather carry something in my right hand/arm than my left.

I generally start with the index but can easily switch it up.

I am not a piano player, but I did play the flute for years.

Pinkie first is more natural, I don’t seem to have a problem going the other way though.

For extra skills I can also do Pinkie Index Ring Middle, though I have more trouble with Index Pinkie Middle Ring.

I play piano a little bit, but also play guitar and bass with my fingers and have for 16 some odd years.

Pinkie to index - been playing the harp since I was six. It is also much more common in for harpists to play chord and runs starting from ring finger to index and then thumb (pinky isn’t used at all), but that hasn’t made any difference.

I have enough coordination to drum my fingers, but not enough to hit the right option on a poll. Hit the index -> pinky option when it should’ve been pinky -> index. :smack:

Oh well, at least that taught me that you can’t edit your poll reply if you make a mistake.