Drunk Kiwis Behind the Wheel!!!

In this Thread calm kiwi makes reference to the initialized term for a drunk driving offense in New Zealand.


I’ve been trying to guess, but just can’t figure out what the letters might stand for. (Drunk In Car???)

Can anyone help?

Drunk In Charge ( of a vehicle)

And doesn’t it sound so much more dramatic!

No, wait- seriously???

You wouldn’t whoosh poor bienville in GQ would you? Not in GQ! :confused:

NO we wouldn’t! We ain’t classy. if you are drunk in charge then a DIC you shall receive.

Wow! Not particularly delicate with the language down there are you? That’s great!

I only listed my best guess as a bit of a joke, thinking it had to be far from the truth, turns out it was pretty close!

Thanks for the info!

We aim to please while being uncouth and direct :smiley:


Not about actual flightless birds with hairy feathers behind the wheel of a motor vehicle whilst snockered.

Carry on.

Well we can’t fly and I didn’t shave my pits today :smiley:

[QUOTE=calm kiwi]
Well we can’t fly and I didn’t shave my pits today :D[/QUOTETMI! TMI! TMI!