Drunk or Kid?

This is stolen from an episode of How I Met Your Mother but basically, you tell a story of something that you did and and the other person has to guess if you were drunk or a kid.

Here goes:

I was locked out of the house so a punched through a window on the door to reach in and unlock the door from the inside. I ended up gashing open my wrist and bleeding until I nearly passed out.

Was I drunk or a kid?

You were a kid.

A friend and I arranged empty plastic soda bottles in a bowling pin formation on a poorly-lit street so that cars, acting as the bowling balls, would drive through them knocking them down.

Were we drunk or kids?

Right! I will give someone else (hopefully) a chance to guess at yours.


Drunk or Kid: I opened the car door while it was in motion and leaned out so I could touch the road while saying, “OMIGOD, that’s so NEAT!”


There were some step-ladders leaning up against a window I was on the other side of. I decided to see if I could get the step-ladders to fall over by banging the window (with my bare fist). You don’t need to be a rocket-surgeon to guess what did happen, and what didn’t happen.

We were kids! 6th graders, to be specific, out at like one in the morning.

Waiting for the first person to confess s/he was a stone-sober adult.

We filled up a glass coke bottle with smokeless powder. Used a bit of cannon fuse to light it, then ran like crazy. (Disappointment ensued.)

Drunk or kid?


Climbed to the top of an eighty foot tall cement tower and then jumped across the gap to the adjacent tower.


Filled wiffle-style practice golf balls up with snap-its, then practiced my drive in the parking lot.

My sister was closing the trunk of the car and said “watch your fingers.” I jokingly looked at my left hand while leaving my right hand on the edge of trunk. My sister, not catching the joke, slammed the trunk on my fingers, which latched. My scream caused her to drop the keys and there was a looong period where she was fumbling with the keys to unlock the trunk and free my broken fingers.

That sounds like it takes some planning and skill. Kid.

Ate a ton of popcorn from one of those three-flavored holiday popcorn tins, and then threw up.

Stole a load of construction roadsigns and set them up to divert traffic down a dead-end street.

Actually drunk, in this case. It was cool–a whole package of pop-its going off at once (that’s about how many fit comfortably inside a practice ball) is really bright, but not as loud as expected. Am I a pyromaniac? Why yes, yes I am.

Oh, and yours was kid.

Definitely drunk.

This one is a bit easy, but it’s a good story: locked out of the house, I climb on to the conservatory roof to try to reach an open window. I can’t reach the window or climb down, so I jump into a large shrub to break my fall, leaving a me-shaped hole in the top of it.

Correct but also… kid. I lived in a tiny village and we were really bored and bad as teenagers.

Yours, I honestly can’t tell. The locked out and trying to climb in sounds like drunk, but the can’t climb down bit sounds like kid.

Mine was actually “drunk” - there was a lot of coconut rum to go along with that popcorn. But that was only one of two times I’ve ever thrown up while drunk and the other time I was very very high.

Sounds like we’re fun drunks, Travis :wink:

I would say drunk but I’ve done this exact same thing as a kid. So I’ll call kid. :smiley:
Also, great minds think alike!

Conservatory?! Who are you, Colonel Mustard, Miss Peacock…?

My friends and I discover that a 100m roll of aluminium foil could be magically transformed into swords, then shields, and eventually full suits of armour.
Battle ensues… which spills out into neighbourhood until the local gendarmes are dispatched.

I couldn’t drive and reeked so badly of beer that I decided not to go into the church service and walked home instead.