Drunken cross-dressing 4-year-old boy steals Christmas

Not sure you could make this up. Gawker has the video from Chattanooga’s local news, and Fox News has a quick story:

This kid knows how to party.

Please tell me this is on Fark. That would be an awesome headline.

Post title is full of win - I, like probably every other Doper, will feel an inborn need to click it.

This is one of the wierdest things I’ve ever heard.

It’s like Christmas came early, not just for the little boy, but for all of us as well!

My husband wants to know if it says what trailer park they live in.

"Little Johnny Belushi Jr. was found this morning…’

That brings a tear to my eyes. Who says the youth of today ignore our best traditions.

It’s really worth watching the video at Gawker, because they try to make the story sound so serious and tragic.

Meanwhile, I was laughing my balls off.

Awwww, he just wanted to go to jail where his daddy is.