Drunkenness = testicle pain?

This is kind of a weird one, so bear with me. For as long as I can remember (well, since I started drinking alcohol), I’ve noticed a weird sensation associated with being drunk. When I’m really quite drunk, but not necessarily quite at the room-spinning stage, and sitting down, I often get a kind of pain/ache in my testicles. It’s not a constant thing, it kind of appears and disappears in waves, kind of like the pit-of-the-stomach feeling you can get when driving over a humpbacked bridge.

So, two questions:

  1. Does anyone else get this, or am I a freak?
  2. What could cause it?
  1. Blue balls?
  1. Being too forward with the knee-jerk crowd?
  1. Varicose veins?

Beer nuts?

We have a winner :smiley:

Perhaps its a confused bladder response, where you are holding it in and simultaneously pulling in the muscles that also control your testis. :confused:

You play rochambeau during blackout periods?