Dryer with dead bird, still worth keeping?

At 1 AM my mind is too fuzzy to make sound decisions. As noted in a prior thread, a bird made its way into my dryer vent and caused a loud bang. Was found dead by the maintenance technician the next day in the vent tubing, however, the dryer appears to work fine. Vastly superior to my current (other) dryer, which emits burnt rubber odors when in operation. In the upcoming near future, one of the two must go. Is it worth it to keep the one that works well but has had dead bird stuff in it (overcoming my OCD) or better to try to fix the one making burnt smells?

I’d opt for the dead bird option. The dryer is blowing air in that direction anyway. So who cares?

Dead bird dryer.

If it bothers you that much replace the vent pipe or hose.

If the only reason the bird dryer is better than the other one is because the other one smells like burning rubber, it’s almost certainly an easy repair. More than likely it just needs a new belt. Slightly less likely, it needs a bearing (front or rear) replaced. All easy, cheap fixes.

Keep the “vastly superior” one.

Ok thanks. My only concern is the loud bang and why/how the bird caused that.

Maybe the bird is just resting, or pining for the Fijords?

Replace the vent to remove the remnants of the bird bits.

Wonder what trapped creature in the other dryer is causing those “burnt rubber” smells? :slight_smile:

Seriously, just replace the hose on the bird dryer if you must do something.

I’m reminded of the time Mrs. J. and I were driving in South Dakota when a bird collided with one of our front headlights and got wedged into the housing.

FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP FLAP…until I got the car stopped and extricated the corpse.

We didn’t trade in the car (a Dodge Omni) though we probably should have, for other reasons.

Oh, I thought this was about the whole Sears debacle. I know Kenmore must be hurting for business, but they really need to rethink their promotional offers.