Dryers: gas vs electric redux 2022

In the end, this is what I was really looking for.

I’m only willing to entertain the idea of standard gas or electric. No heat pumps or clothes racks or Mr. Fusion 3000 drying rays. :wink:

But it was interesting to learn about the heat-pump ones.

As long as the tangent was brought up and the thread is largely done…

  • Clothes lines suck in almost everyway possible. Labor intensive, crappy job of drying, occasional bird poo strikes, doesn’t work in the winter or the rain. Tough on windy days and I live in a windy bayside town. I do not want to use clothes racks in the house. It is 2022 not 1968 in NYC.

  • Any dryer needs to have the capacity to match the washer sitting next to it. Anything less is just too inefficient by far.

Interesting. I have a gas dryer. I don’t use dryer sheets. Even if i had a lot more static, i wouldn’t, because i don’t like the smell, or how they make things feel. But…i really don’t have issues with static. I had attributed this to rarely taking the laundry out of the dryer immediately. But maybe it’s because it’s gas?

(with gas)
Not in my experience.