Voice your opinion about DSL (Digital Subscriber Line). I honestly think that in a year or two, broadband will go across fiber optics instead of coax cable, there are many companies working on this. I have much more to say about this but I wanna get your guys opinions.


Hang on, i’ll go and ask my guys opinions.

I’d take it instead of cable.

People can hack your computer if you don’t put up a firewall.

We talked about it before.

How’s this - DLS and underware. Now was that funny or what? MM MM MM You Rule!!!

I doubt it, for several reasons:

Fiber is expensive, both on a per-foot basis and to install. Compare this to the cheap cable needed to carry DSL comms (unshielded copper POTS lines, NOT coaxial cable), and the fact that the cable is already installed to practically every dwelling in North America. These two factors, to a company motivated by the bottom line (as they all are), are strong demotivators to switch to fiber.

Also, in many areas, the infrastructure is already being pushed to its limits by the upsurge in DSL subscritions, meaning that even if you had a bigger pipe, you could not get more data through it. I am mostly unable to use the full potential of my DSL line even today, simply because the net is too congested. While I occasionally get downloads of 130 or 150 Kilobytes per second, many times, congestion and/or busy servers limit me to 20 or 30 KB/sec. The bottleneck, therefore, is not between my house and the telco, but between the server I’m accessing and the telco. In this case, what motivation do I, the consumer, have to ask for an expensive upgrade to fiber? None. It simply would be wasting money.

The short answer is that DSL has the best bang/buck ratio for the present and for the forseeable future. Securtiy is an issue, as another poster pointed out, but far less of an issue than with cable modems. Also, those of us with some technical savvy have already addressed the firewall issue in their homes.

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Just don’t get DSL through Flashcom.