Dual band? Dual channel? router

My office internet service provides 2 cable modems. Each one has 2 phone lines for a total of the 4 that we need. For the internet off of one of those modems is a router. It is a 4 port wi-fi router. The router provides wireless mainly for customer use but occasionally for the warehouse if someone needs to be mobile with a laptop. Off the router is a 20 port switch. We have about ten terminals in use at any given time, all hard wired.

We’ve had issues with the internet overall but that seems to be an external issue with the cable provider, I’ve seen the modem the network is plugged into lose connection. I’m trying to see what I can do to improve on our set up. Preferably without costing a fortune or changing our service.

The wi-fi has been pretty flaky, so I’m looking to replace the outdated router. As we appear to have 2 portals provided by the cable company I feel we should be taking advantage of that. Options I’m looking at are using 2 routers, one solely for wi-fi and the other for the hard lines or getting a dual band? wi-fi router that plugs into both modems and balances the load between them.

I’m not a computer person, working in an office is outside the realm of what I normally do, I’m here temporarily to manage until they find someone to do the job. I’m a bit unfamiliar with what the language and data numbers mean. I’m looking for an idea of what I should be looking for or questions I should be asking.

common consumer routers have 4 wired ports and wireless. wireless can be disabled for the router through its software controls. better wifi coverage would be had on routers with antennas external to the router (some are permanently mounted on swivels on the rear, others through antenna jacks), these have two antennas which provide a better coverage pattern.

Sounds like you’re looking for a router with dual WAN ports. A friend uses a Draytek Vigor 2930.