Dual boot question!

If I decide to add XP to my system, which is already running Win2k, would I still be able to access programs and files that I’ve installed on Win2k, being that all my drives are NTFS?

Win2k is NT 5.0. XP is NT 5.1. It’s got a major facelift, but the underlying core is basically the same.

If you are dual booting and not upgrading, then some programs may not work correctly. As a general rule, whenever I install two operating systems I keep two seperate partitions on the disk. All of the programs for the first OS go into the first partition and all of the programs for the second OS go into the second partition. If I need a certain program to work with both OSes then I install it twice. That will guarantee to get around any registry and dll type of problems.

You’ll have no problems accessing NTFS partitions.