Dubya delivers pizza

Echoing the Canadian Air Traffic Controllers, Bush bought pizza for his currently-unpaid secret service agents.

A nice gesture. And for those who are inclined to jump in with “Big whoop - six pizzas”, Bush’s spokesman said:

It’s not a big thing but the shutdown isn’t Bush’s fault and, as I said, it’s a nice thing. We need more nice things in life.

I’m not a fan of the man, but at least he is making a gesture that indicates that he’s not a fan of Trump.

On the other hand, a Secret Service bodybuard detail cannot live on 6 pizzas alone.

So they need 7? :slight_smile:

Too bad he can’t just pay them directly, or feed them every day, without running afoul of the “gift” policy for federal employees.

I will always think that Bush Jr. was one of the worse US presidents in the history of the country, that ultimately he was not up to the task, and that he was surrounded by inadequate advisors (a leader who is not up to the task and knows it can mitigate it by choosing competent advisors).

However, I will also think that he was at least sincere in many of his beliefs, ideas and positions, and that he had a touch of decency in his soul. I do not think of him as a “bad” man. Incompetent and misguided, yes, but not “evil” (or at least no more than many other political leaders around the world).

I am therefore astonished at the realization that the current US president is making me look back at Bush Jr. with, of all things, a vague feeling of fondness… Yes, Bush Jr. was inept and made (in my opinion) big blunders while in office. But he did not have the aura of malignity and nastiness that Trump has.

And I am sure that he is a much better person than Trump (although that is not difficult to achieve).

If someone would have told me in 2009 that in 10 years I would look back at the Bush Jr. years in office with a kind of nostalgia… I would have told them that they were clinically insane.

Oh well… “La vida te da sorpresas, sorpresas te da la vida… o/‘ o/‘ “

Seriously Pepe… throws a honey badger carrying a dictionary at JoseB

that last line means “life is full of surprises, full of surprises is life” (from one of the most common Spanish versions of Mack the Knife, done by among others Rubén Blades).

I’d go farther. I think him and Cheney should be locked up for war crimes.

But Bush continues to surprise me! He keeps doing decent things!

I don’t think I can handle it.

He should have given them 1,000 hamburgers.

It’s real simple: even Hitler probably did nice things for people whom he regarded as people.

Trump, like Hitler, clearly regards certain classes of people as vermin rather than people.

If I had to guess, I’d guess that Dubya recognizes the humanity of people he actually interacts with, but didn’t think much about the humanity, one way or the other, of distant people whose lives his policies upended.
“Sin, young man, is when you treat people as things.” - Granny Weatherwax

This was a calculated gesture to make a point. There was a camera there for a reason. But having talked to several Secret Service agents who knew first hand, the Bush family is often doing things to make things easier for their detail when there are no cameras. W in particular always made sure they were fed and taken care of. The Bush family detail was always a coveted position and still is. On the other hand I have yet to meet somebody with the Secret Service who liked working for the Clintons.

I agree with every word of this post. (Cheney OTOH was an evil monster.)

I’m glad you said this, because in fact my first thought was “hey, you’re rich - pay their mortgages for a month!”. So it’s good to know he’s legally limited to small gestures - I now won’t blame him for failing to make big ones