Duck, Duck, Looser!

What a moron!
The first question, and he cant remember what comes after Duck, Duck…

He wasted a Lifeline on the $100 question.

I am in the wrong line of work!

Purhaps you should try to BE on one of these shows… :slight_smile: then you could show them how it’s supposed to be done!

That’s it I’m coming to get you and we are headed south to the land of gameshows… I’ll keep the kids while you go win us a fortune on the game show of your choosing…

Go take a bath… relax…have a glass of wine…you seem to be a little tense!!

Smile…people will wonder what your up to! :slight_smile:

Remind me to ‘goose’ you next time I go over…smartass!

Go to bed, you gotta work tomorrow… :wink:

As Angkins said there’s a lot more pressure to being on those shows than people realize by just watching them. I was once on a TV quiz show and I’m embarassed to mention the easy one I managed to screw up.

Come on, Nemo, you can tell us. We won’t laugh or anything :wink:

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OK, we have enough youth. How about a fountain of smart. =^…^=

And he ended up winning how much?

You can feel free to call me Mr. Tied for 26th place on the favorite poster’s list.

You know that guy’s nickname will forever be “Goose.” The quarter-million ought to ease his pain a little.

(By the way, the word is loser. Let she without sins…)

I was boggled that the guy before him didn’t know that the Coast Guard was part of the Department of Transportation.

As if the Treasury would have anything to do with those pretentiously painted little toy boats they float around on…

All right, Little Nemo, for twelve thousand dollars, give us the name of the groundbreaking comic strip by Winsor McKay which began its run in the NEW YORK HERALD of 1905…


Well hells bells I had never heard of duck duck either…however after using common sense and elminating the others I came up with the correct answer.

“Ward, You’re upsetting the beaver.”
Barbara Billingsley

Uke, that was an easy one. The answer, of course, is “The Yellow Kid.”

Much better than that opium-induced comic strip with the sleep-walking kid. Now what was the name of that one…

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(Sorry, Guano! What must be done, must be done! :))

I suppose the fact that other people’s memories of high school embarassment involves members of the opposite sex and mine involves trivia game shows should be humilating enough, but what the heck.

When I was in high school, I was a member of our school’s team on a local TV quiz show (my skills in useless knowledge having manifested early). On the first show we kicked ass and took names. There was a ten question practice session before the show started and we swept it. The other team was so dazed they never recovered for the actual show.

Unfortunately we got cocky with our easy win and soon got our come-uppance. On the second round we had our asses handed to us. Objectively, I’d say that our biggest weakness was that that show had a number of questions on current events and none of us were strong on that subject (and the other team was). But once we realized we were losing we all started to panic and that didn’t help.

My particular moment of embarassment occurred late in the show when the question asked was “What is the largest state east of the Mississippi?” I had buzzed but my mind was a complete blank. I guessed “Texas”. I know now and knew then that Texas was not east of the Mississippi, so I can’t tell you why I gave that answer. For all I can remember it may have been the only state I could think of at that moment. Needless to say with answers of this caliber, we were trounced so badly we didn’t even get the Turtle Wax.

Of course, this didn’t stop me from participating in a college quiz show a year later. That time we lost because the idiot judge insisted that Andrew Jackson was the only president who had ever been impeached.

Ok, let me just tell you that in Minnesota, the children’s game is known as “Duck Duck Gray Duck.” I have no idea why. Go Vikings!

Sucks to your assmar.

Bonehead will be back on in about 3 hours.

AFAIK, he only got to a couple of hundred so far. He will probably do great now that he got the choke part over.

and wolf…looser, loser, whatever! Its a typo, at least I could think of the word without polling the audience.
So there.

Besides, kellibelli is Canadian. That’s hoo they pronoonce it up there, eh?

::running for cover::

I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

Well, we all know how the $100 questions are usually soooo tricky! :wink: And, with his line of reasoning, and remembering how the game is played, the title may just as well have been, “Duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,duck goose.”

hehe I remember in 4th grade I was in the city-wide spelling bee. I was the only 4th grader who had even gone and it was down to 6 people (the top 5 get trophies and I WANTED A TROPHY!). I had breezed through hard words and I came up to the stand all calm and then they gave me the word “monarchy”. I can’t tell you why…but I screwed it royally. first I said “monarchy…m-a-r-…” then I stopped and realized I was off…I could see my parents holding their breath…heh…so then I said “monarchy…m-o-n-a-r-c-h-” at which point…assuming I’d gotten past the hard part…my parents gave a sigh of relief…and then I added for the last letter “i”!

the next girl that came up missed hers…so if only I’d not missed the last letter I would have had a trophy!!! but alas, there is only dust where my prized city wide elementary spelling bee should be.

that was just my story about cracking under pressure, hope you enjoyed it

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Well, the loser/looser walked away with a half a million…BUT, if he hadnt blew that lifeline,he might have got the whole thing.

manhattan, thats not foony! I am not amooosed!

I had NEVER heard of this ‘Duck Duck’ thing before. And I was sitting in a club at the time, and about a third of the people there had never heard of it. Perhaps it’s a regionalism thing.

Anyway, Kellibelli, you shouldn’t really throw stones. After all, think of how silly you would have felt if you had gotten on the show and they asked you how to spell “Loser”.