duck season, rabbit season, elmer season

So…is it ever really duck season? or so in america?
How long does it last?
Since when did they make only certain times for hunting?
thank you.

Yes, there are hunting seasons. I’m not sure if they are uniform throughtout the states (I would guess not), but here are Indiana’s (just as the first example I ran across) hunting seasons. The site lists Rabbit Season as Nov. 8, 2002 - Jan. 31, 2003 (duck season dates won’t be avilable until mid-August, which leads me to believe that the “seasons” tend to be variable).

This site for Stevenson, Alabama shows rabbit season to be from Oct 14 - Feb 28 (which verifies the fact that the seasons are not, in fact, uniform). It also notes that duck season is set by federal guidelines.

Almost all forms of hunting have seasons in the US.
They length of time varies from state to state.

Since at least 1900.

It also varies as to the type of weapon. My husband hunts deer, and there is a “bow” season and a “gun” season. I think bow season is first and then gun season starts 2 weeks later.
(too tired to look up Maryland’s regulations, sorry)

In general, all wildlife is considered to be a state’s resource. As such, if you want to hunt white tailed deer in Maine, you must first get a valid hunting license for Maine. Of course being a resident of any state does not disqualify anyone from hunting in another state–but in most (all?) cases you do have to pay a higher price for the hunting license as a non-resident.

Every state sets its own hunting regulations, so long as they do not conflict with any higher/federal legislation. Thus, even if folks in Alaska wanted to hunt the ever-tasty and ubiquitous (at least in AK) Bald Eagle, the US Fish and Wildlife Service will frown on that because it violates a federal law.

Each state’s hunting seasons and bag limits are determined by that state’s Department of (fill in the blank having to do with Fish and Game or Natural Resources). These seasons and limits are based on health and size of the wild populations, habitat conditions, and hunting pressure (which can include type of weapon as mentioned by BiblioCat), among other more localized influences. So the length of any hunting season might vary from year to year based on the above-listed factors.

To answer the OP, duck and rabbit season vary with the state (and sometimes within different regions of the state) and from year to year.

I use sea salt & black pepper to season duck and rabbit, although additional seasoning would vary depending on how I cooked the animal. I’ve never cooked elmer. What do they taste like?

Whaddya mean, it’s not a cooking question?:smack:

Actually many states have three seasons for deer and maybe for other large game: bow, muzzleloader/blackpowder firearm, and regular firearm.

Alabama was in the news a few years back because they enacted a spear season. I think two guys running around the woods with spears managed to get a deer.

Duck hunting is subject to the Federal “Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp Act” which requires that hunters of migratory waterfowl purchase a “duck stamp”. I don’t know that Federal law regulates individual state duck seasons beyond that:

Hunting seasons pretty much have to be handled on a state-by-state basis, as it’d look pretty silly for Florida to have an official moose season or grizzly season, and even for animals which appear in most states might be present at various levels and require different amounts of protection.

In some states, “varmint” (vermin) animals can be hunted year-round, and by any means. Of course, what qualifies as vermin will vary.