Duck War?

MSNBC News Alert popped up an article today from CNET with the following headline:

March PC sales at retail duck war
I don’t know about you but that sounds really strange to me. Why would someone be selling computers during a war between retail ducks? What exactly would a duck war look like? Do they actually sell ducks at retail stores? I’ve never seen one before.

Whenever I think about this I get these visions of ducks in camouflage gear with machine guns under their wings quacking out battle orders as they march into combat. Hopefully they won’t team up with the People’s Democratic Squirrel Army against us - we could be in some serious trouble.
Hrm - maybe I shouldn’t be admitting to these kinds of thoughts. :smiley:

Now now… you can’t expect reporters to actually have a decent command of the language :slight_smile:

If it is indeed a retail duck war then it seems there will be an arena (The Duckin’ Donuts Arena?) for the war and the PC sales must be at the little booths ringing the arena like at the fair. Other sale items probably included duck calls and camouflage beaks.