Dude, why yall like Butcher Jelly so much.

Yesterdays Parasitology exam really took a toll on me. And three questions came up on “butcher jelly” on the same exam. Damn, I couldn’t even sleep because of all 8 exams within a week. Well now they are over and I am goin home.

By the way, butcher jelly is basically necrotic tissue due *Hypoderma bovis * or the bot fly in cattle. The parasitology professor must be fascinated about butcher jelly.

Well thank God he isn’t obsessed by Dermatobia hominis.

Is it really of a jelly-like consistency?

Well, I have only seen pictures of it but believe me it looks like it would be too nasty to touch

Holy crap, more parasitology students!

I love talking about parasites with my non-science friends and watching them gasp in horror while I tell them about cysticercosis and how tapeworm proglottids can get in your brain and kill you… and that’s only the tip of the parasitology iceberg!

I’m a wannabe parasitologist & parasitologist groupie, and hang on your every word because I think that stuff is cool as hell. I otherwise have nothing to add.

Sounds like a great sig line!

Veterinary student actually. I can’t believe that there is more to parasites than ticks/fleas

Bot flys are cool. Assuming the larva aren’t crawling out of you.

Tapeworms roundworms whipworms hookworms myasis bot flies primary screwworms secondary screwworms hard ticks soft ticks fleas Giardia Cryptosporidiosis Cryptococcus Histoplasma Blastomycosis Habronema cysticercus etc. etc.

Parasitology has been one of my favorite classes in vet school.