DUH in the news today

Headline on the newspaper today:

Study: Bay Area Commuters Face Frustrating System
Bus and train connections too difficult, MTC says.


No sh!t Sherlock!

They spent half a million dollars to figure this out?

Can anyone top this bit of lunacy in today’s newspaper? Has New York City spent half a million lately to announce: Brrrr! Report from Chicago? It’s windy out there!

Bay Area transit and confusion have been inseparable for years. With close to 45 different agencies ranging in size from a free shopper shuttle that has probably two buses and loops around a few blocks, to heavy rail systems with hundreds of rail cars and miles of track, we’ve got everything except a monorail. Of course it’s going to be a bit confusing. Just don’t insult us by spending $500,000 dollars to tell us this two decades later.