Duke 2000--Whatever It Takes?

This shameless steal of the title of the latest Doonesbury collection doesn’t herald a 1K-post party (why did they become passé? I liked the virtual entertainments!) but rather the frustrated sigh of the wannabe mega-thousand poster. Though my registration date may say July 1999, I’ve really only been posting since the beginning of August 2000, or about six months. 1000 posts in ~180 days is a little more than five posts a day. Not bad, I guess. But it’s not going to get me anywhere near the huge totals posted by–well, actually, a whole bunch of posters these days. It seems that every time I turn around a regular is reaching two thousand, three thousand posts, even five thousand posts. It used to be a really big thing when someone hit a thousand or multiple–now it’s practically an everyday occurance.

And yet, I don’t even think I’ve been that slack, as it were, in posting. Most nights I’m on the Board for an hour or two, which is about as much as I can get away with on a shared phone line. Like most other SDMB’ers, I don’t post to every thread I read. Perhaps unlike most other posters, I end up “backing out” of about one post for every post I actually make. (I especially have a habit of backing out of serious posts. Maybe, I think my posts aren’t intelligent or sensitive enough. It could be a self-esteem issue, but that’s another thread.)

So, my question to the mega-thousand posters–how do you do it? Most of you guys have jobs, spouses/SOs, kids, lives. I don’t have any of those things to weigh me down (we’re not going to count my wife for now :)) and I still can’t do it. What’s the secret?

internet access to work. And insomnia. (see the time I posted this…)

I’m a Junior-college-attending teenager (19) who’s managed to cut a live-at-home deal with his parents in exchange for continued school enrollment. A VERY sweet deal for me.

And school doesn’t start until Feb. 5th, which means that I had all of January to get down with the 'Dope. Booyah!