Duke Aiona

Not very aloha, brah.

Flu shots. Big Fuckin’ Deal. He’s not an anti-vaxer. He encourages people to get flu shots. I’m not sure how old he is, but it looks like he’s young enough that a couple of years back he couldn’t have got a shot if he wanted because of the shortages.

I worked at a hospital and I didn’t get flu shots.

The quotes in the article make it hard to tell if he’s an anti-vaxxar or just has a specific skepticism of flu-shots (though if he’s gonna spend the next few months kissing babies and shaking hands of his grimier voters while campaigning, he’ll probably come to regret it either way).

In anycase, I guess its admirable that he puts the general scientific consensus ahead of his own eccentric beliefs when making recommendations to his constituents or forming policy.