Dumb "Joe Millioraire" quote!

And if they paired up, they’d just be a couple of boobs. In more ways than one. :wink:

She’s apparently smarter than she thought she was? :smiley:

Now that I’ve seen the Thursday rerun of the 3-Feb-2003 episode, I’ve finally gotten to hear Melissa say “The sun setted” and Sarah say that Evan wasn’t “extraneously intellectual.”

Ah, the joys of lowest-common-denominator reality-serieses.

I loved when Evan was asking Sara what was in the gnocchi. She basically told him that gnocchi isn’t stuffed, and he said, “Oh, well I’ve had it with stuff in it.” Yeah, because you’re so worldly, Evan. :rolleyes:

Speaking of dumb quotes … I just realized that the title of this thread is misspelled. :wink:

… the funniest part of that was when Sara said, “no, that’s ravioli.” I pictured Evan sitting at home with a can of chef-boyardee gnocchi.

My friend told me about the mercenary quote. Maybe I should actually watch this stupid show!
Then again it may not be worth losing brain cells.

… is not a stupid question if he’s asking which specific wines go with salmon. Not every fish has the same flavor, and not every red wine has the same flavor. It’s reasonable to assume that some red wines complement salmon better.

This was my personal favorite moment of the show. You could just tell the thought that flashed through Sarah’s mind: “Jethro Clampett.”

Waaaaaait a minute … I always thought it was white wine that was supposed to go with fish!

(Although, personally, I prefer a glass of milk with my fish sticks.)

I’m just trying to figure out what Sarah meant by the term “extraneously intelligent.” Did she mean to say he WAS intelligent about things that were central to whatever was at hand, but didn’t have any intelligence to spare for things like … knowing stuff not having to do with eating, sleeping or sex?

My favorite part about the “salmon” quote is his stuttering excuse for why he said red: “Well, I just thought…it’s pink…”


Bonus: My deep-voiced hubby does a great “Uhhhhh…red?” impersonation of Joe the Big Boob.