Dumb "Joe Millioraire" quote!

I will never admit to actually watching that show, but I did hear a damn funny line. “Joe” is talking about “Sarah” (our favorite bondage film queen) and says something like, “I really feel like she isn’t all tied up in the money”!

No, thats leather shes tied up in. :smiley:

Fagjunk Theology: Not just for sodomite propagandists anymore.

The line immediately prior was something along the lines of “we’ve really bonded.”

I think the show’s producers knew and edited the program accordingly. I wouldn’t be surprised if they leaked the news about Sarah’s previous career themselves.



I’m still laughing about the whole “mercenary” / “missionary” confusion, though. That silly bint . . .

Or when Melissa said “…and then the sun setted…” What? My five year old used to talk like that. USED to.

The one that got me is when Sarah said (about Evan) “He’s not existentially intellectual.” Okay that’s just a nice way of saying he’s a dipshit. And good job for using the big words…he’ll never understand it. He’ll think it’s a compliment.

Wait. There are smart quotes from Joe Millionaire?

“She’s not very domsticated” remains my fav. :slight_smile:



I heard a clip on the radio… can these people be so dumb?

Dinner was being served, Salmon and such. Making the wine selection, JM made the following comment:

“I know red wine goes with fish. What goes with salmon?”

I died laughing.

And the silly girl made some stupid comment too, but I can’t remember it. Sorry! :frowning:

And the “Did you get that breast in Paris?” line. I suppose we can all guess the context of that slip of the tongue.

I don’t think Sarah said “existentially”, did she? “He’s not externally intellectual,” was what it sounded like to me. :confused:

She said “extraneously”

My favorite line was when Melissa said, “The more less confident you are…”

I’m convinced that Melissa was actually Ralph Wiggum in a curly wig. “Me get eliminated? That’s unpossible!”

When Melissa was telling Evan that he was an average man with not a lot on his mind and then the camera went to a private interview with Evan saying something like “I was trying to listen to her but was distracted.” (He kept looking at her boobs.)

Here’s one - Evan and curly-haired girl (Melissa?) were cooking dinner together in the chateau kitchen as their “date.”

He wanted her to find the garlic for him.
She had NO IDEA what garlic looked like, and was looking in the fridge, the freezer, the cupboards, everywhere.

Finally, she found a net bag of garlic bulbs in a bin next to the fridge. She pulls the bag out and says “This is garlic, isn’t it?”
Evan takes it, sniffs it and declares: “No, those are onions.”

We laughed our butts off. Then later when they are eating, Evan asks her what she’d do if she had a lot of money.

She answers that she would go to a third world country to help “poor people” and she would “bathe their children.”

We almost died, it was so funny.

Yeah, she wanted to bathe them and be “a mercinary”! :open_mouth:

[Monty Python] Do you mean to slaughter our children?[/Monty Python]

I completely missed that part. Might have been while gasping for breath and holding my sides.

No, my girlfriend and i were both pretty sure she said “existentially.” I have it on tape and can check if anyone’s interested (for research purposes, only, of course:)).

And that sun. It really “setted” didn’t it? That was fucking hilarious.

The best part about Melissa’s “mercenary” comment was that it went straight over Evan’s head. Whooooosh.

And who the fuck doesn’t know what garlic looks like? Jebus H. Christ! The only reason i didn’t want Melissa to get kicked off is that she and Evan deserve each other - two self-centred dimwits.

Well, apparently she did have some idea what garlic looked like.

I was trying to read while the Mrs. watched this show and sadly I was drawn in by the shamelessness.

I thought she said extraneously.

*That’s[/] the ticket, watsonwi! “Extraneously intelligent” is what she said. Thanks. I stand corrected.