Joe Millionaire Twist Speculation

Do you suppose the big twist on the final show is that Joe tells the girl that he really isn’t a millionaire and after they get everybody’s reaction to that, the butler then informs Joe that he gets a million dollars for being on the show???


I am hoping that the girl gets the money. I want Zora to have a million dollars. I like her much more then Evan.

That’s the most popular theory. I don’t know though - it almost seems too obvious to be what they’re building up to. Of course, I wouldn’t put it past them to screw with us some more - maybe the twist is the last hour of the show next week is just a still photo of a flock of sheep with a large arrow pointing at them and the word “YOU”.

Damn that Fox, but I of course will be watching. :smiley:

That’s what everybody seems to think. It’s become so obvious that I’ve developed my own “twist”. I’d like FOX to give a million dollars to whoever “wins”.

See, first we find out if they still like Evan when they find out he’s broke. Then, if she is still interested, they give her the money and find how they both feel now that she has money and he has none, which makes for a nice reversal on the rest of the show.

I thought the popular theory was that Joe is really a millionaire. It would be more interesting if Joe didn’t even know that he was gonna be a millionaire.

I have opined in a few Joe Millionaire threads that the audience is being had; Joe really IS a millionaire.

My prediction; he’ll dump Sarah and tell Zora he picks her but doesn’t have any bread. She’ll be this way/that way about it; he may have to run after her and explain that he didn’t want to lie but he was caught in the personal services contract he signed, blah blah blah, I really thin you’re special I’ll never lie again, yadda yadda yadda. She says she’ll think about it, she needs time alone, yadda yadda yadda.

Then we get a tense scene in the ballroom where he’s waiting to see if she’ll show up. She does, tells him she’ll give him a shot (probably figuring they can sell those pendants for big bux to get a start - those things cost a bundle) and then he’ll say how happy he is and explain, well, it was the show’s hook, but guess what? I really AM a millionaire; we rented this chateau, but I’m loaded. But you chose me for me, and that was the whole point! I’m so happy I picked you! Off into the sunset!

And the audience was the one being hoodwinked all along.

Personally, I think it’s great television.


  • Same scenario as above, but it’s Sarah, not Zora.

  • Same scenario as above, but Sarah is chosen, and ZORA shows up in the ballroom when Sarah gets so pissed she tells Zora “You can have him! He’s poor! It was all a lie!” Joe/Evan, realizing his colossal blunder, says “You like me anyway? How stupid I was!” and he gives her the ring and they live happily ever after for at least a month.

  • Same as above, except we find out Joe/Evan really is a millionaire to boot.

  • Any of the above scenarious, and they give Joe/Evan and Zora/Sarah a million bucks/the chateau/the butler.

  • Any of the above scenarios, but we learn either Sarah or Zora is a millionaire, which would explain, at least, why Zora never talks about her past.

  • Joe/Evan picks someone but is flatly rejected and the show “ends.” But then we learn that after returning to the U.S., one of the other girls looked him up, and they fell in love. (Hopefully Allison, who I thought was the best of the lot.)

  • Same as above, but Joe’s really a millionaire.

I’m hoping it’s going to involve a duel. With real guns.

I’ve heard the Evan-is-really-rich theory. I like it from a dramatic viewpoint. But hasn’t he been checked? I know did a profile on him and it doesn’t look like he’s rich.

I think that would be hard to hide, that’s all.

Party pooper. :wink:

My vote is on Joe is really a millionaire or one of the two girls actually is.

OR, that the girl he picks walks out on him after hearing he’s not a millionaire. I got this idea from the clip of Sarah saying something along the lines of, “the one thing I couldn’t stand is someone who is dishonest with me” She tells him no and then leaves. He goes to find her and tries to convince her to stay.
Doubtful, but it sure would make for an interesting plot twist!

I’ll have to go with the theory that Fox will award Evan (and his choice) a million bucks or so. If he were really rich, SOMEBODY (especially The Smoking Gun) would have found out by now. And a million bucks is pennies for Fox compared to what they’ve made off of this show.

Here’s what I would like to see (but it’s really doubtful):

Evan picks Sara, tells Sara he’s makes $19K a year, she says no, producers give Zora a million dollars.

Or maybe the twist is that FOX will give one of the three a million dollars, but all the rejected women (who the preview made clear will be there) vote on who gets the money.

Sara is such a complete tool. I hope she doesn’t get anything, and Zora gets something nice. That’s all.

Based on last night’s episode, the big surprise will be. . .

Evan picks no one. All the women will gather at the chateau for a big party and a big laugh with Evan, for they knew it all along… And at the end of the episode Paul the Butler will sip his brandy and inform us that everyone participated just to get a French vacation and a chance at some jewelry, and we are the ones who have been fooled.

You really thin I’m special? Lucy, you’ve got some splaining to do.
(I know it was a typo, but I just couldn’t resist. :wink: )

I think the twist is the same as the “twists” on other reality shows-- none at all. Just pointless hype to pump the show.
Prediction: Evan says “oops, no cash”. Lady “no kidding- I knew all along” Lady dumps him a month later. Evan goes back to modeling underwear, and making C-list appearances at Car Shows and Store Openings. Audience feels ashamed they watched this in the first place.

I like that idea. I doubt it is what will happen, but if I were writing the show it is what I would do.

I like Zora too. I know it is all in the editing so maybe I like the Edited Disney Zora.

It doesn’t really seem like he has much of a “connection” with either of them. I can’t imagine why either girl would want a big doofus like Evan. He’s so incredibly dull.

The twist will be that the butler has the $50,000,000 and he runs off with Zora.

The twist will be that Evan really had a personality and has been banal and mundane this whole time to fool us…

My prediction is that he will pick one (Sara), tell his secret to her, and then she will be given the choice of leaving with a million bucks or Evan.

She’ll pick the money.

No, No, No. The butler runs off with Heidi. Everyone knows that.