Joe Millionaire, Feb. 10: Which Ho Is Gonna Go?

And it’s down to Sarah and Zora.

I haven’t a clue who Joe/Evan (a ho himself, twenty times over) is going to pick. Let’s hear your predictions and rationale.

Zora will win.

She’s the only one that hasn’t been portrayed as a total bitch/whore. She’s still distant to Evan, because she senses some duplicity on his part, and is intimidated by his (seeming) wealth. She’s had precognitive dreams where she picked up on his double life, and caught him as he gawked at the bulldozers. Fox wouldn’t show us these things unless she was the one.

Sarah, on the other hand, even setting aside the bondage flicks, has been nothing but a flirt, a seductress, a two-faced catty bitch (especially as teamed with Melissa), and an empty-headed support structure for a hot body and active libido. I can’;t recall Evan ever saying anything nice about her that wasn’t related to her figure or sensual charms. There may be more to her, but Fox isn’t showing it to us. Thus, she must lose.

He’s kept coming up with reasons to get rid of all the others, but to keep Zora. It’s her.

She can do better, though.

Well, I was going to say that I was not sure at all, but Menocchio’s post makes a whole lotta sense.

So, I’ll agree with Menocchio: Sarah’s the ho who’s gonna go. (I was trying to work “blow” and “toe” in there, but I failed.)

Yeah, he’ll keep Zora. But, he’ll screw around with Sarah every chance he gets in the mean time ;). He’s a slut - what do you expect?

Wait 'til he finds out about Sarah’s film career. He’ll be kicking himself then.

Bonus Prediction: Zora won’t be pissed that he isn’t rich but she will be mad that he lied to her the whole time. Evan will turn out to have more than just a $19,000 income - that or Fox will give him a few hundred grand, just for an extra “twist”.

I have to go with the general agreement. He’ll pick Zora.

But, FYI, he won’t do it on the 10th. There’s a two-hour finale on the 17th. And then on the 24th you can watch “The Aftermath.”

You mean, they’re going to go through a whole episode on February 10th without elimnating either Sarah or Zora?!

Sarah will win by a toe.

But, this being Fox, one might expect them to tell him to pick the one with the biggest knockers - just like on the first Bachelor.

I dunno…I think Zora is certainly the better quality gal, but last week he alluded to chemistry being his reason to pick someone. He has had more chemistry with Toe Slut than Zora; they are more comfortable together, make out more, talk more freely, etc. Zora seems to make him nervous.

Who do I want him to pick? Zora. Sort of. She deserves the win…but not with that boob of a booby prize. I wonder if she can say “no” to him…that’d be the ultimate ending.

Who do I think he’ll pick? Sarah. More chemistry, etc. Sure, she’s more conniving…but won’t that make things so much more entertaining for us all when she finds out this unrefined thing she was hoping to change has a lot more changing to undergo for her tastes.

I’ve been predicting Zora since episode one when she had some class about not finding a dress that fit her properly for the “ball.” Nothing I’ve seen leads me to change that prediction.

I really think he’s only been hanging onto Zora because he doesn’t understand her. He’s a bit thick, our Evan, and he also has quite an ego, so i reckon the main reason that Zora has hung on so long is that she has actually been somewhat indifferent to his “charms.” This both fascinates and upsets him, and he keeps her there in order to try and comprehend her.

Notice that whenever there are uncomfortable silences etc. during the dates, Evan always blames the woman (or the “girl,” as he prefers to say). Like when he was with Zora a couple of weeks ago, and he complained that the week before she had been stand-offish and had not “opened up” to him. Of course, it’s never his fault for being a dimwit and an awful conversationalist who has nothing of interest to say.

I really think that, while Zora intrigues him, he feels much more comfortable with Sarah and will choose her in the end. It’s sort of a shame that Melissa got ditched on last week’s episode, because her shallowness and Evan’s means that the two of them would probably complement each other perfectly.

I’m sure they are both very mercenary.

Especially when they bathe 3rd-world children after the sun setted.


ARRRRRRGH! They didn’t tell us!

And there’s a bigass twist!

Whaddya think the twist is? My guess; Joevan will pick someone, tell her he’s poor, she shows up, and then she finds out he really is rich and we’ve all been had.

A few comments I made tonight (all times approximate):

8:32 pm – Geez I’m glad they didn’t try to drag this out to two hours. It’s all repeated footage!

8:56 pm – Hey, there’s no way they can wrap this up in time!

8:59 pm – Noooooooo!!!1

<<<weeps pitifully>>>

I gonna be out of the country next Monday…GAH!! and !!
Damn my shallow soul for wanting to watch sob

I admit it, I was sucked into the show tonight. I’ve never even watched Joe Millionaire and I sat through the whole hour wondering which girl he was going to pick.

Maybe Zora is really Rich, that would be a hell of a twist