[i]That[/i] was the twist! (Joe Millionaire)(spoilers!)

We all guessed it right?

When Paul the butler said there would be a twist I had a feeling I knew what it would be. But he also said “you’ll never guess it!” Or something like that. So I thought that maybe it would be a little bit ideosyncratic. In my heart of hearts I knew it wasn’t to be, FOX was going to give us the blah twist we all thought of from day one.

How many of you saw it coming? I know I did (although I must admit I wasn’t sure).

I still enjoyed watching it.

(Notice I didn’t give away the secret, although I imagine most people already know or soon will.)

Ok, someone please post it up with a spoiler box or something. Im just curious to see if I was right, and Joe was actually a really ugly woman with great hair.

Here it is:

He chose Zora. She said yes after thinking it over. Paul the butler came and gave them a check for $1,000,000. They dance. Meanwhile Sarah, packing with Mellisa, says “look at me, I’m Evan, I’m a loser with no money!”

That was the twist.

That was the big twist? What garbage. Glad I didn’t watch.

Now if it turned out the butler was a millionaire, waved the check at the the bimbo, and went off in the sunset with her, that would have been interesting.

FOX must really think we are chumps… come to think of it we are.

I enjoyed it, but the twist wasn’t totally unexpected. The look on Sarah’s face was priceless. She’s a witch.

When she was talking to Melissa, was she making motions to indicate the she gave him a blow-job ? That’s what I thought. Anyone else ?

smack smeerp smooch slurp

Okay, most I made up…but damnit…“slurp” WAS in there. Showing this on network TV was enough of a twist for me. They’ll probably have anal cam by the time I’m 30.

Only question being…FOX or HBO?
If FOX, it’ll be derided as just more tawdry pandering symptomatic of the death of quality on TV, so what.
If HBO it’ll be celebrated as “edgy” and hip and a symbol that there’s hope for quality TV. emmys all around. :smiley:

Yeah, gulp was in there too. :smiley:

The funniest thing was how slick she thought she was being by mouthing the words. Who is she kidding? Evan was very gallant not to tell all during his Stern appearance.

I don’t think that there was anything beyond making out, but maybe I’m wrong. I don’t think there was enough time for a blowjob. I think that you can make those sounds when making out.

I’d like to think that there was a blowjob, though. I like blowjobs.

I knew Zora was going to win from the first ep, when she showed actual class at not getting a decent dress for the ball. I have to admit that FOX did shake me with their pre-choice “get to know them” segments. They presented Sarah as so tawdry and Zora as such a saint that I thought it was deliberate, to pump even more sympathy for Zora and fuel the outrage should Sarah win.

FOX, you cheap bastards, Paul said he was going to make BOTH of them instant millionaires. One check for a single million doesn’t cut it.

Oh, I think there was definitely an implied BJ.

Sarah: Do you think it was because of that night? (Holds a pair of rolled up socks to her mouth and waggles her tongue at it.)
Melissa: Did you???
Sarah: A little, yeah. Do you think it made me look stupid?
Melissa: No…no…
I don’t think the rolled up sock was supposed to represent Evan’s FACE. :smiley:

Okie I thought she was just trying to shield her lips from the camera so they couldn’t even subtitle it.

My SO thinks that “Joe” looks like a penis dipped in spray-on hair. I just wanted to hit him with a stick to see if his skull is solid rock like it looks.

Yeah, but those subtitles were all made up by the series writers. And we can’t even be sure that those sounds all appeared in the order (or at the speed) that they were played for us. The “slurp” might’ve been nothing more than Evan taking a sip out of a drinking fountain 15 minutes later.

I still think there was something implied in there besides just some kissing. JMHO

Ah! Are you familiar with a legal concept called Joint Tenancy?

Paul Hogan the Butler said that he/they were making “both of them” instant millionaires. The check was made out to “Evan and Zora.” If the money was only given in Joint Tenancy, then, literally, “both of them” would be millionaires.

Of course, if the two of them split up and went their separate ways, this would lead to some real nasty fights when it came to controlling that money. Legally, joint tenants both have the power to use or dispose of any and all of their joint assets as each one sees fit. Either of them could go out and blow all $1 million on diamonds or cancer surgery or peanut butter sandwiches without telling the other, and there would be nothing the other could do about it. (Of course, any property purchased with the $1 million would also be held in joint tenancy by the two of them, so if Evan decided to, say, buy a million-dollar yacht, they could fight over who got to drive the yacht instead.)

As long as we’re taking that check literally, could any pair of people named “Evan and Zora” or a representative of a company called “Evan and Zora, Inc.” cash it?

The gushy Zora video-canonization actually turned me off of her a little.

Fine, show me a deed for the check that it’s property held in joint tenancy and I shall manfully concede the point. Assuming of course that France recognizes joint tenancy as articulated in the laws of Missouri (the French probably only recognize it as it appears in the laws of Louisiana). Since there is likely no deed the money is more likely held as a tenancy in common.

Wasn’t that just a fake check for the show?

I am will to bet that FOX cut them two real checks later for 500,000 each.

Clearly! It was like the check that lottery winners get for the press conference that are 4 feet long and 2 feet high. Just something pretty to be unveiled the real check(s) will be quite boring (aside from all the zeros).