Aw, man! (Joe Millionaire)

I missed the latest episode on Monday, and now I missed the encore! Can anyone fill me in on the last episode? Who was cut?

Thanks in advance!

Melissa got cut.

From this website, it looks like there are two left, named Sara and Zora. I’m not watching this at all, so I could be mistaken.

Hmmm. I would’ve expected Zora. Wonder why he chose Melissa?

Thanks for the quick resposes.

You can get a comlete blow-by-blow recap on .

Great link! I’m reading through it now, and it pretty much answers all my questions.

I heard a theory today that just might be true. Someone said that the word in the inner circle is that the guy really is rich, and instead of being “shame on the women”, it’s “shame on the viewers”. The 14K he makes is supposed to just be like what he makes with his regular job. Supposedly, he made a metric asston of money from modelling.

I have a feeling he WILL be a millionaire by next year.

He is NOT really rich; he was until recently a male prostitute who made his living being, in the parlance of that, um, subculture, “gay for pay.”

lissener - Cite?

I take the fifth.

Evan made 19K last year as a construction worker. Although California construction workers average 42K/year, he was unemployed much of 2002, which he says is one of the reasons he took the offer to be on Joe Millionaire.

Sorry lissener, but you shouldn’t call someone a prostitute with out something to back it up.

I was sad to see Melissa go. She was the most entertaining to watch.

Er, I suspect a whooshing is going on in regards to lissener’s post…

I hope so. If it is a whoosh someone please explain cause I still don’t get it. I never claimed to understand jokes. :slight_smile:

That amid all the rumours about his being really rich (with or without the producers’ knowledge), or the women really knowing, or the “scam” really being upon the audience rather than upon them, that would be just as fitting and unfounded a rumour.

Gotcha Ya JRDelirious.

Sorry lissener.

I heard he is the product a centuries-long breeding program, and in fact may be the Kwisatz Haderach.

According to The Smoking Gun he only made about $1,000 modeling. (Warning, link to pictures of Evan in swimsuits…ewwww.)

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Or you can get a better one on RealityNewsOnline. Not that I am in any way, shape, or form biased. :wink:
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