Dumb neighbor!

I’ll bet that my neighbor is dumber than yours! Tired of their old refrigerator, they decided to get a new one. At Sears, they decided on a side-by-side model. When it was delivered, they discovered that it didn’t fit in the kitchen space! Undaunted, they hired a carpenter. His best effort accomodated the new refer, nearly. They can’t get the freezer side door fully open. The cost to modify the kitchen was more than the refer! Several days later, we were offered all the ice cubes we could want. The refrigerator has an automatic ice maker which kept filling up with ice, so they had to empty it every other day, lest it fill the freezer with ice. They invisioned the door popping open in the middle of the night, spewing ice all over the kitchen! And, would the entire house fill with ice were they to go on vacation?..I win hands down! Can you top this?



My neighbor is so dumb that…

He gets these “great deals” on everything because he knows everyone ( he is a courier for Airborn) and with the money he saves from such a great deal, it’s done so shittily, that he has to pay more than what full price would have cost him to bring it up to snuff. Happens EVERY TIME and he hasn’t learned yet. Whenever this moron starts talking about “Hey, I know a great deal…” everyone tunes him out.

My other neighbors are so dumb that…

The recieved for free 100 seedlings of oak trees. These are about 6 inches high and nothing more than twigs. They planted every one of these seedlings all over their two and a half acre property and mark them with little orange flags. It looks like a minature golf course. NOW it will be well over 15 years before any of these seedlings look decent. And this is the biggie: MOWING around them takes over 5 hours ( as oppose to the 1.5 before seedlings were planted)

Everyone has suggested that they take 25 or 50 of the trees and replant them on the back part of their property, fence them off with those little cheap fences ( against bunnies) and keep the sprinkler right there and just turn on the water from the house. That way there is no problem with the mowing and no wasting 2 hours on a Saturday trying to water every tree.
These are the same people that decided to save 5 cents a gallon on propane and go with a propane company that is outta Flint
( about 40 minutes away) and not a local supplier. Local propane companies will come out and fill your pig (tank) every couple of months. ( Always when your check book is at its lowest levels.) When you are out of the local delivery route, you have to call to have them come out and fill it up as to swing by your house is a major pain in the ass. These neighbors never checked their levels ( it takes all of ten seconds) and ran out on the coldest day in February last year. They called and wanted the delivery truck out that night and was told because they are off-route, it would be $50 and delivered within two days. No amount of yelling and screaming helped.(The rest of us neighbors just laughed at their expense and they had to go to a hotel until it was delivered.) So much for any savings.

Wish I had your propane company-- ours won’t come by to fill up the tank unless you call, and the local station is just 10 minutes away.

Our current neighbor made me rethink the term “white trash”. For one thing, he doesn’t talk. He yells. Constantly. I can make out what he’s saying clearly from INSIDE the house. With the TV on. Of course, when he’s not yelling he’s playing country music at 140 decibels. Then he gets drunk and shoots off fireworks when the fire danger is so high you could rub your hands together hard and burn down forty acres. Of course, when it’s wet he’s always coming over for help dragging his car out of the mud (next time put down some ROAD BASE, you moron). He never mows the lawn and he leaves junk all over. He’s been in jail twice, once for a DUI. I’m willing to bet his license is suspended. Some of his relatives live on his property in a trailer (which isn’t allowed in the zoning).

I’m glad we’re selling the house.

– Sylence

“The problem with reality is the lack of background music.” – Anon

Sylence, I’m surprised you were able to sell your house with such an obvious deficiency. Poor you… if it were normal people living next door, you probably could have gotten a couple thousand more…

Veni, Vidi, Visa … I came, I saw, I bought.

We’re still trying at this point. Without much luck, too.
– Sylence

“The problem with reality is the lack of background music.” – Anon

My neighbors are so dumb they literally throw garbage out of their window. Idiots, now wonder we have rats.

My neighbors aren’t dumb so much as incredibly noisy. Not with loud TV or music, they just seem to live at the top of their lungs. At 5:30 in the morning, outside my bedroom window, after I’ve worked until midnight the night before.

They’re actually a nice family, just loud – and it never seems to occur to them that standing outside and bellowing could possibly disturb the people in the bungalow three feet away from theirs. And I can’t speak to them nicely about it, since they don’t speak any English. Just yelling “Shut up!” would probably be understood, but wouldn’t do much for peaceful relations.

Putting on the earplugs,


catandrom: i used to live below this incredibly large (in both senses) family, who unfortunately had creaky wooden floors. they were so loud, and the noise was so constant, that i had evil fantasies about having supernatural powers that could render them temporarily boneless. has this ever happened to you?

we have the obsessive lawn neighbors from hell. they mow EVERY DAY. (husband and wife take turns.) when our lawn mower broke, our lawn got a little hairy…and OLNFH (husband) got out and mowed up and down this strip of grass on the line separating our properties–for an HOUR. just the line between the lawns. all the while, he’s looking into our living room. it was so creepy, we had to go into the bedroom and watch TV.

My grandmother’s neighbor used to trim the edges of his lawn with a machete. . .
– Sylence

“The problem with reality is the lack of background music.” – Anon