Dumb question about 'The Ring' or 'Ringu"

How was the video tape recorded?
The implication is (I think) that the psychic distress was sufficiant to impact on video. Which video, where? The hotel wasn’t there when the girl was tossed.


As a minor note, the original title was “Richard”.

She did it from beyond the grave. Or else the psychic power was so great that it lingered after she died. Same thing, really, looked at two ways.

I thought it was “The Ring Virus”.

Another dumb question:
At the end of the movie the mother copies the tape to protect her kid. Why didn’t she burn the tape after copying it? (Or rather waited a couple of days, then burned it?)

I don’t remember for sure, as that movie scared me gray, butI’m pretty sure that it was not precisely the act of copying the video itself that saved the kid but the implied act of more distribution. So if they’d burned it they’d still be in trouble.

Besides, it’s a scary horror movie. You’re looking for logic?

Basically, Samara didn’t kill the mother because she showed it to someone, not just because she copied it. So, when the kid watched it, he had to show it to someone (it’s implied in the movie it’s the kid’s grandfather, IIRC). It’s not just copying, you have to actually share it with someone.

How did she kill those kids who were in the car? Did they have a portable TV?

What if you’re watching on one of those tiny portable monitors? When she comes out of the screen is she 3" tall then? Can you squish her, if that’s the case?

I believe in the original it is explained/ implied that she can come through any reflective surface. I imagine she is unsquishable, since she’s not really flesh and blood.

This is one of my most favorite horror movies ever!

How the videotape was recorded: (Spoilers for the original book)

In the book, it was explained that when Samara (named Sadako in the book) was alive, she had mastered “Nensha” (Not sure about that spelling), a psychic power that allowed her to burn images onto film with her mind. I haven’t read the book in a while, so I’m not sure exactly when she did this. I would think it would be in the well, but I don’t know how she’d get ahold of film and a tape in there and how she’d distribute it. She might have made it sometime before she died.

Spoilers for the book:

In the book, she didn’t exit through anything. She used any nearby reflective surface to show the victim a vision of him or herself horribly aged, and impossibly ugly. Then the victim would die, cause unknown until the second book.

There’s a book?? I know “the Ring” was a remake of a Japanese flick, but I never knew about it being based on a book. When did it come out? Is it a Japanese book that never made the transatlantic leap? That seems strange given how popular the movies have been.

The book is named “Ring” and it was written by Koji Suzuki. It was translated and published in America a couple years ago by Vertical. They’ve also translated and released the sequel, Spiral. The least two books in the series are currently being translated, I believe. They’ve also translated and released an unrelated book by Suzuki named Dark Water.

Dark Water is incredibly similar to Ring in that it was made into a Japanese movie and is now being remade for an American audience.

Amazon link to Ring

Vertical’s website

“Ringu” is actually a trilogy written by Koju Suzuki, which was made into three Japanese films, one Japanese TV movie, one joint Korean-Japanese production film, and several manga. The novels and some of the manga have been translated and are available at amazon.com, as well as some of the spinoff novels and short stories (“Rasen,” “Loop,” “Ring 0:Birthday”). A great link on the “Ring” phenomenon is Ringworld .

Woops, in my last post I said “the least two books”. That should be last.

By the way, I forgot to mention that Ring and Spiral are both very good and definately worth a purchase. The translators did a fine job. I’ve bought Dark Water, but I haven’t read it yet.