Dumbass Florida Congressman

In a stunning display of intelligence, by Rep. Porter J. Goss (R-Fla.), chairman of the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence:

Taxation should not be the test for representation? Did he ever take a US History course?

Of course you don’t vote here, shit-for-brains, because you still legally reside in Florida and you can vote by absentee ballot in all of their elections. Jesus. What are the people of DC supposed to do, establish a residence in MD or VA just so they can have a say in the way this country is run just like everybody else?*

How the fuck can you compare these people (who just happen to live in an unfortunate geographical location) to felons - who have discarded their right to vote by committing a crime or to children who haven’t yet come of age?

This really pisses me off. Half a million people, living in the capitol of the free world don’t have equal representation in congress and can’t vote for the leader of the country.

This is precisely why when I lived in DC (for about a year) I maintained that my legal residence was in MD. I’m not giving up what my mother’s and grandmother’s generation fought so hard for just because the current and past presidents and members of congress are fuck-ups.
[sub]*Everybody who is legally eligible to vote in the 50 states, not minors and not felons.[/sub]

I had this man’s son for a Government teacher at my high school in Fort Myers, and I’ve talked with him on a couple of occasions. He’s not the greatest representative, and thankfully his son doesn’t follow his politics. But he’s something of a local hero since he helped to get Sanibel incorporated. He is, however, supposed to retire next year. Don’t worry, though; we’ll find some other rich, old white man to replace him. :slight_smile:

Ummm but DC residents can vote in Presidential Elections…

It does suck that they have a puppet member of Congress equivilent to Guam or the Virgin Island’s representative.

So are you admitting to voter fraud? That’s nice. Can I guess who you voted for in 2000? Please?

  1. Residents of DC have a vote in Presidentail elections.

  2. Why don’t Puerto Ricans and residents of Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands get a vote in Congress?

  • Rick

OK, I thought I might have been wrong about them not being able to vote for president. Guess that makes me a dumbass poster. :slight_smile:

When I lived in DC (for just under a year) my legal residence was still MD. I paid taxes in MD, I just happened to go to sleep in DC. I was only registered to vote in MD and that is the only place I did vote. No different than any college student might have done. (Although I wasn’t in college.)

I am a US citizen. I don’t avoid my civic duties, I volunteered to work the polls for elections (although to my surprise I found out the poll workers actually get paid, yeah!) and I don’t try to get out of jury duty. I’m not a criminal and I pay my taxes. Why should I give up my right to have representation in Congress just because I want to move to another part of the same country?
milroyj, if I’ve committed voter fraud, in this instance I have no regrets.

Can you guess who I voted for in 2000? Let’s see, who were the choices:

Al Gore - Democrat
George Bush - Republican
Ralph Nader - Green
Pat Buchanan - Reform
Harry Browne - Libertarian
Howard Phillips - Official Constitution Party

Go ahead guess. Will you guess say more about you than me?

Hey, if you voted according to Maryland’s election laws, then I withdraw the insinuation. Since you mentioned college students, though, that’s exactly what I was thinking. Some OPENLY bragged about voting for Gore twice, once in the state their college was, and by absentee ballot in their home state. Pretty crummy behavior, yes?

As for whom you voted for, I’ll venture a guess it wasn’t 2 or 4.

The District of Columbia was specifically established so that it would’nt be within any state, for reasons which should be obvious to anyone who isn’t fundamentally retarded.

It’s a Federal Resevation, or some such thing, and is intended to be a separated entity from the states, so as to preclude undue influence from the state in which the Capitol resides over the others in the federal government.

You knew what it was when you moved there.

I am unimpressed by your whining now.