Dumbest Band of Decade

My vote:

Puddle of Mudd.

I know this only because I occasionally flip briefly to one of the (many) local chode-rock stations when there’s nothing good on NPR, on the off chance that they’ll play some AC/DC, or Hendrix, or, at worst, some Buckcherry, who suck, but at least they’re playfully creepy.

I usually end up flipping it back within fifteen minutes, thanks to some profoundly terrible neu-metal/post-grunge dollop of steaming, obvious angsty garbage.

It happened today. Again. Thanks to that awful “Schizophrenic Psycho” song. Again.

It was only after I got back from lunch and finally looked up to see what bunch of cretins actually penned that swill (and got a record deal for it!) that I found out it’s the same bunch of cretins responsible for that “She Hates Me” song and that “Take it all away” song (and got a record deal for it!).

So, Puddle of Mudd, thanks to that trifecta, you’re now officially the Dumbest Band of the Decade.

And you know you’re gonna win. Again.


I mostly have (or rather, had, in such days as I was actually ever exposed to them) as negative feelings about them as anyone else, but you know what? I thought She Hates Me was really catchy, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.

Wasn’t Fred Durst instrumental in them getting a break? That says a lot.