Dumbest reason for lack of nookie I can think of

Agreed. And people wonder why I think that those who adhere to religions are lacking in mental horsepower.

Haven’t they heard of washing in cold water? I mean, hot water’s a luxury for some! Where in their religion does it say that hot water must be used?


Also, the linked article does specify that up until recently power was diverted from outlying areas in order that those in Baghdad could have their effete widdle showers–so, are we saying the Muslims who DON’T live in Baghdad haven’t been having sex all this time due to lack of hot water? Bullshit, I say. This is purely a matter of effete, whiny, spoiled rotten city people who’ve just come face to face with the harsh reality faced all along by their less fortunate brethren in the hinterlands.

And I’ve been to many an SCA event where drinking water is VERY scarce, let alone hot water for bathing, and I can whorebath AND wash my halfway-to-my-butt length hair using less than a gallon of water and a small tub. If the little whiny bastards can’t cut the mustard and aren’t willing to cope with ritual uncleanness they can just shut up and jerk off.

Ghusl is required after both sexual intercourse and climax, so masturbation would leave them in the same situation they’re in now.

Guess it’ll have to be mental masturbation for them, then–unless Islamic law requires further brainwashing after they’re done!

I always thought cold showers were a cure for no sex, not a reason for no sex…

Y’know, I try to respect all the world’s cultures and religions, and I reckon some of our practices might seem weird or gross to others. C’est La Vie and all that.

But when religion requires you to do very inconvenient, painful or costly things, it’s time to put that crap on the back burner and just freakin’ live life.

Just think about how much time we could save if we didn’t do all that religious malarkey!

Actually, I have no problem with the whole having to wash up after nookie and before prayer … what I have a problem with is them whining about no hot water coming from the brand new [in a manner of speaking] modern appliance preventing them from doing something that has gone on without that little water heater for 1300 years [and presumably is going on in the rural areas with no electricity with no whining] I personally like a hot shower after getting laid, or at least a good washup with hot water … but I will use cold water, or even a cold shower if I have no means of heating the water. I may whinge about it [and run back into the bedroom to warm up my now ice cold footsies on mrAru] but it doesnt stop us.

As to the original article

n contrast, southern and northern Iraq – where most of the power stations are based – have more energy then before the US-led invasion when Saddam Hussein used to divert most of the power to Baghdad, depriving everyone else.

Sheesh … get real. Your showers were depriving others from electricity … now it’s your turn to suck it up and figure out how to get your water warm, and down the pipes to your shower.

Anybody on the ground over there know if the public baths are back up? That is what a lot of people used to do among my yemeni buddies - hit the public baths on the way to the mosque between sunrise prayer, sunrise nookie, breakfast and midmorning prayer.

That’s a little ridiculous. When your initial conditions don’t include a working hot water heater, you incorporate some other means of heating water into your life. Centuries past, you’d have a big tub that could be heated over a stove or a grillpit. In most modern settings, we are totally dependant on electricity for hot water. No electricity, no hot water heater, and no kettle, no heating water on the stove.

What are you thinking? “Why, my great-great-grandparents got by just fine without modern utilities – I’ll just heat up my bathwater in a firepit in my apartment, then. No problem!”

Even if you’ve still got electricity (which these people don’t) taking that nice big boiler out of the equation makes a huge impact on your life. Mine crapped out and needed to be replaced this year, leaving me without hot water for four days. A major inconvenience. Suffer under a cold shower? (Thankful that there’s water pressure for that.) Adjust the schedule by an hour or two and try to heat up enough water in stewpots for a warm bath? (Grateful that the electric stove offers this option.) Or just stink? Not great choices, and you’d bet your ass I’d be complaining loudly if it was up to someone else to get it fixed and it took more than just a few days to do it.

Two years without reliable power, and you’re characterizing complaints as “whine, whine, whine?”

I’ll bet you’d scream blue murder.

Yep. When I was a poor student down south, we didn’t have a bath in our flat, and in winter it was too bloody cold for showers: half the time the pipes would freeze over, and wouldn’t thaw out until afternoon. Solution? We flogged a huge old clawfoot bath from somewhere, dragged it into the garden, and dug a firepit under it. We’d scavenge wood from the local dump, fill the bath with the hose, then light a fire under it: it’d take about four hours to heat up, then we used to take turns having communal baths, which became quite a social event. Friends would come round in midwinter for bath parties, and we’d sit naked in a steaming bath out in the snow or warming ourselves by the firepit and sip gin and tonics. Given that we were horny students and bathing was frequently mixed, nookie often ensued: the only rule was “no bodily fluids in the bath.” Good times, but almost certainly in breach of sharia law.

At me ? Ooooh, thank you very much!