Dumbest religious persecution ever


:rolleyes: Give it a rest. Bricker has made his share of dunder-headed statements recently, and he’s being rightfully called on to defend himself. Jumping on him when he makes ‘an insightful and wonderfully non-partisan comment’ is not helpful in the least.

We could do with a bunch less of this your-side-my-side bullshit around here, in my opinion.

Amen, and “me, too”. Guy says the right thing, a post that I wholly concur with every jot and tittle. I’ve given friend *Bricker fulsome loads of shit, but for things he actually says. In this instance, he’s right on the mark, and more power to him.

Ever heard of a joke?

I always wondered what drugs you did while you were posting :).


Before this turns into a full-scale flame fest, let me reiterate that it was nothing but good-natured ribbing. Bricker, I didn’t mean it, it was a joke made at your expense but it was nothing personal, I am a prick, and if I’m lying I hope to die in the most disgusting way possible.

So there.

OK. I’d humbly recommend you include a smiley or another indication if you’re going to post a snarky one-liner, as LHoD did above.

Of course god is on the Republican side. That’s what the election was all about. The sooner the rest of the world learns to accept this, the better. :smack:


So there.

Definitely, and immediately. This “pastor” is a horse’s ass. I hope all the Repbulicans, Libertarians, Greens, and everyone else leaves too, in protest for this stupidity. Leave him with an empty church. And take away his tax exempt status, and hit him for lots of back taxes too.

Exactly. Again, I think the guy is a moron.

Well I’ll be damned. I thought of that part of the country as being populated entirely with people who would have given Eric Rudolph a place to stay if he needed it. Although I should have though about the hippies – what is it with hippies and mountains? Well that’ll learn me, I guess.

Hey, do they have something super-secret around there, too? Google maps won’t give a satellite image for that town any closer than about the fourth “tick” out.

You’re talking like you think we’re Idaho or something.


I don’t think that this church should lose their tax exempt status. The seperation of church and state isn’t a rule for the churches to follow, it is a rule for the state to follow. Churches themselves are ideologically motivated political organizations. If they have some sort of idea of purity that they wish to maintain that’s up to them. Church is a place where one develops a community of like-minded people. It’s not a place only for singing Kumbaya, and Amazing Grace off-key.


Right, but the non-politicking thing is a rule for churches to follow if they want to get special recognition from the state in terms of being tax-exempt. If they don’t want to follow that rule, they’re free to pay taxes just like everyone else.


Mountains have a lot of secluded places to practice illicit agriculture.

You’re missing the point here. Of course churches can involve themselves in partisan political activity. But the IRS rules state clearly that if they do, they have to give up their tax exempt status. Not paying taxes is not a right, it is a privilege granted by the government.

I’d take tax exemptions away from all churches, but starting with the ones that violate IRS rules is a pretty good start.

As regards an “idea of purity”, yes. As regards specific partisan outcomes based on the ideas, no. Churches are required not to engage in certain political activities to retain their tax-exempt status. In fact, if the Pastor had given this directive prior to the election, when President Bush was a candidate for federal office, I don’t think there even would have been much of a question – the tax exemption would have to go. It gets a little fuzzier after an election because of the way the law is written, but I for one would certainly not object if a US attorney out there decided to test the law with a subpoena and a can of whup-ass on this guy.

! :frowning: I am saddened anyone thinks that way.

In other news, LHD and Villa are both fast-typing dorks, and Miller is wise in the ways of hippies.