Dungeon Seige Demo Review

i just did. I will have a copy monday.

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I’m in the crypt right now.

I can’t seem to get the “burn body” spell to work. I have it selected (my primary spell) and I’m right up to the baddie and it targeted (spell has no range), nothing seems to happen. I have no problems with the range spells or with melee or range weapons.

This is a pretty long demo, I’m impressed. Dont think I’ll buy it but it is a nice break from EQ (the only game I play regularly, and that I dont have time enough for that, much less 2 games).


Burn body works on…wait for it…bodies. That’s right. You cast the spell on a dead body, and the dead body burns up. What is the purpose of this spell? Uh…uh…well…sometimes you run across a Krug Shaman. And he will sometimes resurect the other Krugs. And if you burn their bodies, they can’t be resurected. Of course, you could always kill the Krug Shaman instead. My guess is that they included Burn Body because there are several higher level spells that affect corpses…Corpse explosion, corpse transmutation, etc. And this is sort of the training wheels version. But really, Burn Body is pretty much useless.

If you are a combat mage, fireshot is your only option for a while. Leech life is OK, but not really better than fireshot. When you get explosive powder your combat mage really takes off, since it is an area of effect spell. You can huck M80s at the bad guys while your melees protect you. Until you get Explosive Powder you probably won’t do nearly as much damage as the melees though. And your experience depends on how much damage you do (and how many health points you heal).