Dungeon Siege... No fun? Seems so...

I’ve admittedly only been playing this game for a day or so, but so far it seems extremely dull. The only readon I got it was because it was touted as teh Diablo Killer. But this game is so much more dull than D2.

For those that haven’t played it yet, imagine D2 without the clicking. Sounds great right? Well, its really not because instead of clicking you just sit there and watch your char do it for you. He will continue to hack away at shit and defend himself like you think you would want. But once you get to play this game you realize that other than clicking on the moving mobs you never really had much to do in D2, and even less in this game.

There is no skill tree or anything similar, so character development seems to be very dull as well. You just get a point here and there, which are automatically allocated to certain basic skills or stats.

So far anyway, it seems that there is no way to be a pure caster at the outset. 'Once you are surrounded by 5 mobs or so your spells just cast too slow to be effective, so you must resort to your dagger, axe or whatever other boring weapon you have equipped.

My biggest gripe with this game though is by far the lack of a useful “waypoint” system. I have been playing for at least 3- 4 hours, and everytime you log off, you must start at the begining of the game until you hit a certain level. I have not hit that level yet apparently and it is a drag because I have ran down the same path about 20 times and killed the same monsters a 1000 times.

This game also does not randomly generate maps or dungeons so you do the exact same stuff over and over, in the exact same places.

The weapons, so far anyway, are very boring and lame. Same goes for the armor.

I just can’t see what people like about this game over D2. It seems inferior in every way except the graphics. And I happen to like the 2d graphics in D2.

Anyone else have a different opinion on this game?

(How the heck do you get to use nature magic? I have yet to find a nature spell I can cast at 0 skill lvl so my nature skill is stuck at 0)

Must be a Progress Quest rip-off. :smiley:

A few of things:

  1. Never believe any hype that says a game is the “X killer”. It’s seldom, if ever, the case. That was probably your single biggest mistake.
  2. Your waypoint issues stem from playing the multiplayer game. The single player game allows you to save wherever you are and pick up from there later, just like…well, just about any other game out there.
  3. Stats are increased based on what you’ve been doing. If you swing a sword a lot, you increase in strength faster. if you use magic, you increase in intelligence. If you use a bow, you increase in dexterity. Note that sword-swinging will also increase dexterity, just not as fast as using a bow would.
  4. Skills are also increased based on what you are doing.
  5. In the single player game, at least, you find Zap (Nature Magic, requires level 0) right off. You should also be able to buy it any town.
  6. Becoming a pure spell-caster is difficult, but still doable. The trick, obviously, is not to get surrounded by “5 mobs or so”. The same is true, really, for a pure bow-person. Fire, retreat. And, that’s no different from…well, just about any other game of this sort.
  7. I have yet to see an “exciting” piece of equipment in any game. You equip something, and it will do what it was made to do, and possibly some extra stuff if it’s magical, but it’s all pretty boring. What, exactly, constitutes a non-boring weapon?
    Having said all of that…yes, the game is somewhat boring. Pretty, but boring. I’ve been playing a solo character (not taking any NPCs), and have little, if any, extra difficulty, with respect to playing with a full compliment of 8 party members. I’ve actually had more trouble with my party of six than with my loner, simply because managing large groups is a bit awkward.
    NPC interaction is on par with Diablo/D2 - they say something, and you may or may not get a quest. The game itself plays about the same: you wander around. You kill things. And that’s about it.

A sword that’s shaped like a three-foot dildo, maybe?

All hail mighty SPOOFE, wielder of Sexcalibur the +5 Vorpal Dildo of Doom!

All shall bow down before him and…er, wait that probably isn’t such a good idea. All shall kneel…no, that’s not good either. All shall greet him with a hearty handshake, yeah that’s it.

To be honest, this game has lasted about a week. I found that at a certain point, it just wasn’t that interesting. I like some things about it, there’s just not enough for a player to do. I basically watch and order my party members to drink potions, and that’s about it. Oh, and equip them.

The lack of clicking manages to remove any real involvement in the battles, and the lack of special abilities removes any possible complexity. Diablo 2’s interplay of skills is absent, and there’s not really anything to take it’s place.

The magic system lacks oomph. Lots of spells, but most of them are just upgrades. I replace fireshot with firespray, then get fireskull, etc. Nothing really interesting.

Hand to hand looks cool, but it just comes down to numbers, really. There are no special attacks, no stunning blows or knockback strikes, no multiple attacks. People just whack until one side or the other is all dead.

Potential, but, alas, no soul.

Wait until Siege Editor comes out. Then you can inject some real soul in the game.

Not forgetting the +2 Toothbrush of Hygiene. :wink:

Thanks a lot, TPWombat, one perfectly repressed memory back at the front of my brain. :stuck_out_tongue: