Dungeons and Dragons character help

Yeah, I’m a gamer.
Is there free or shareware available that will help me assign my new goodies when I advance a character in level? There’s so much crap to remember in the new system that I’m afraid I’ll forget something and miss a bonus somewhere.

Wish I could help, Henna. It can get to be a real pain in the rear to update all your special abilities, Feats, new equipment, etc. You might want to check out the www.rpg.net to see if anyone there has something or go right to the source and check out the WOTC message boards.


PC Gen.


All you’ll ever need.

If you’re talking about 3/3.5E, there’s not that much. Just make a checklist or something.

Skill points
Hit Points
Saves and Base Attack changes (look at the level you’re taking in the class chart)
Special abilities (look at the level you’re taking in the class chart)
Attribute point (if level evenly divisble by 4)
Feat (if level evenly divisible by 3)

That’s without my books, but isn’t that basically everything?


Pencil and paper, Buckaroo. That’s what we used in my day. (Are you talking about using one of those electrical computer machines?)

Didn’t your GM make you a five tabbed excel sheet that automatically updates and allows you to allot your points through a vb based script?

Mine did.

Of course, he’s mad as a box of frogs. Great sheets though…