Duplicate bridge member schedule

How can I make a schedule for 10 members to play each other once a week and then repeat for a period of 33 weeks.

Example. Member #1 plays #2
Member #3 palys #4 etc.

Are you trying to pair up Dopers for partnerships? On online games like BridgeBase?

Go ahead and do it. I don’t think anyone’s going to stop you.

ACBL probably has software that could do that. When I played duplicate, the director had a program that could figure out the movement for any number of players, in pairs games, teams, or individual events.

I’m not a bridge expert but have some experience organising events similar to what you describe. However, I’m not quite clear on what you’re asking. Firstly, I assume “member” = “pair”? Then are you saying that each week, each pair only plays against one other pair (seems unlikely for duplicate, would work for rubber bridge)? So I assume you mean that every week, each pair plays a board against every other pair, and you just want a schedule to ensure that happens? That should be pretty straightforward to work out by hand using a grid, but as has been said there is bound to be resources/software that has done this already.