Duplicate Checks - Health Hazard?

A friend is going to send a batch of new checks back to her bank because they are “duplicate checks” and she says the duplicate pages are covered in chemicals that get on your skin and cause health problem.

I have used duplicate checks for years and have never heard of this idea.

Does anyone know of research done on the possible health hazards of using duplicate checks?

Most of us in the business world have been dealing with carbonless invoices for years, which I presume are the same thing. I haven’t heard about anything. It they were causing health problems, you’d think they’d be pulled off the market by now considering how widespread they’re usage is.

NIOSH Publication on carbonless copy paper.

What I’m seeing is casual contact is probably fine, just don’t go swimming in it.

One warning about that “carbonless carbon paper” that some of you may have noticed –

Do Not attempt to write on it with a ball-point pen! It will instantly ruin the pen.