Duplicity - Same Subject Threads

Gosh, how I hate it when multiple threads are opened about the same subject. It seems like when it happens, it’s only because the person committing the foul is a pure jackass with a snail testicle for a brain.

Fuck you, you multiple-thread-on-the-same-subject openers!

Uh. Mr. C.? Come here. http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?threadid=42474
(No, I did not get Whooshed)

Well Mr. Cynical you goof, you just started a new thread of an old topic :wink:

Anyhow, since this has been done here’s my bitch.

There are TOO MANY McDonalds related threads in GQ.

All those golden arches in GQ are starting to drive me nuts.

< there >

I think one reason for doing a thread that has been done before is that there are new members joining daily, and they may have a slightly different viewpoint on an old subject.

I started a topic in GQ about major and minor keys affecting moods, and failed to find the thread started a week earlier because I hadn’t used the same terms in the subject. Next time I’ll try the whole thread and not just the subject, and perhaps I’ll have better luck that way.

If this thread is an intentional duplicate, then…
Don’t really make any difference one way or the other that I can see.

I’ve seen some people start repeat threads because their first one was hijacked.

Don’t you just hate hijackers?

Got any good hijacking stories?

I think the reason why is that most people are profoundly unoriginal. I suffer from that on number of occasions, much to my dismay.

Someone posts something on goat felching. It’s new. It’s hip. 75 people respond and 2,000 view it. One of sees goat felching and suddenly a question comes to their mind “Why is goat felching so popular?” So they post it.

This is also sorta popular and people respond to it as well. Then another post pops up “What state has the highest ratio of goat felchers to non-goat felchers?” Inevitably this one gets thrown into another forum by the moderators so that all new people can read it and respond.

Now comes “What other animals is it possible to felch?” followed closely by “If you were forced to felch any one animal, what would it be?” On its tail are posts like “What other words can you use for felching?” and “Embarrassing moments while felching.”

All this because one person had an original idea and everyone else said “You know, I never even thought of that before. But now that I did…”

Then comes the pit rant “God damnit you goat felching fuckheads, take your beastial asses to a sex site, toot-sweet asswipe.”

Things cool down a bit. A month later someone new joins and, after maybe a week of lurking, comes up with a brilliant new topic he or she has never seen discussed on this forum before: “goat felching.”

Amen to that! The recent fascination with nuking things for allegedly productive purposes is no treat to read, either.

Folks, not every weird idea you have at 3:00 AM after 11 beers needs to have a GQ thread attached to it. At least do a rudimentary web search to find out how stupid your idea is before taking up space on the front page.

Manny said:

And as a corollary to that, at least take a quick look at the subject lines to see if there’s another thread that looks like the same subject. Right now, I count three threads all dealing with this subject.

I know you think you’re cute with the joke and all, but it was done two days ago. I closed that second thread. I’m closing this one as well.

Should you actually have real flames to make on those who open up additional threads when one exists, please go to: