Duration of Mueller Grand Jury

The Grand Jury is close to 16 months in.

  • How long can it go?

  • Seems like a big time commitment. How do people keep their jobs/deal financially with this? Does it pay enough to compensate?

Special grand juries continue for as long as they’re needed. Typically they only meet once a week, so the time commitment is not as extreme as you might imagine.

Federal grand jurors are compensated with the princely sum of $50 a day, plus parking.

I’m aware of another federal grand jury investigation that has been going on for about a year with no clear end in sight, for a much smaller and less complicated case. The grand jury meets once a month when they meet, but some months have been skipped I believe.

Didn’t Ken Starr’s Grand Jury take about four years?

friend of mine was on a DC federal grand jury for a while. Don’t recall how long he was on it. He only said to me “you would know the names of some of the people we are talking about.” This was about 12 years ago.

I was on a Federal Grand Jury back in the late 70’s. We were investigating price fixing in the animal feed industry. We were told that a Grand Jury term was limited to 18 months and that’s how long it lasted. I’m guessing it was a Special Grand Jury because we heard no regular cases, only what was being investigated.

There can be more jurors (23) than are necessary to form a quorum (16), in which case a juror can be excused from a particular day’s sitting because of some other commitment. It’s not like a trial where everyone absolutely must be present every day.