Dust to Earth Wind and Fire-- Maurice White has passed away. [-edited ITD]

Your music is written in the stone.

Jesus. So many great musicians.

Much respect.

Thank you for sharing this.

Reasons, the reasons that we hear…

another Shining Star fades away…

the Reaper is working overtime this year.

The end is nigh.

2016: The Year The Music Died :frowning:

I’ve said it before; I’ll say it again: Lemmy died and some people seem to have decided that a life without Lemmy in it isn’t worth livin’.

Down to just Wind and Fire.

You know I was talking to blood sweat and tears the other day and I asked blood "Why is tears always crying? and he said “You would be too if you had to stand next to the other guy all the time.”

RIP Maurice White: Now he leaves this troubled land…

If I was a 74-year-old rock musician, I would not be sleeping well at night.

Man, I wore out my 8-track listening to these guys. Drove my mom insane while on a long road trip.

Thanks so very much for the music, Mr. White.


Gad damn it, all these musician deaths are beginning to MAKE ME MAD.

Every age 70+ rock, blues, or jazz god I want to put right into the FREEZERS until resuscitation and rejuvenation measures are fully available.

I am looking at YOU, Sonny Rollins. Get your saggy ass in here next to the fish sticks and pot pies. The Future World will love you.

Coming back to this. I read a tribute in the NYTimes - the writer did some nice insider breakdowns of some of their most well-known songs to point out how Maurice White brought so much as a composer, arranger, performer, drummer and singer.

EW&F have been as much of the soundtrack of our lives as the Eagles and David Bowie. But they were more like Chicago - i.e., a big band that did the 70’s marketing thing, focused on the BAND and the band’s logo than in highlighting the individual players. The Eagles started off that way, but as Henley and Frey asserted control, they got their names out there.

Again - just a huge amount of respect for Maurice White. Such a gifted musician.