Dutch Catholic sexual abuse of instititionalized boys? How about murder?

Not to diminish the incredible horror of the story, but people in the US generally don’t pay attention to anything that happens in other countries. Even the response to overseas natural disasters can be muted.

Economic news is an exception, but that generally affects us directly.

Especially if it happened sixty years ago.


The Irish Times was never in step with the Catholic Church going back. In fact it still carries a semblance of its former existence as the mouthpiece of protestant Ireland. Anyway, criticism of the church has been increasingly commonplace in the media. Clerical sex abuse scandals and other chicanery and hypocrisy on the part of the church of Rome have put a severe dent in the church’s standing in Ireland. If it wasn’t basically the established churched it would have even less standing currently imho. (And good riddance too.)

That we know of so far. Anyway with their attitude to contraception and AIDS the Church has moved on to slaughtering people wholesale.

The castration-as-punishment-for-telling-on-sexual-abuse was big news in the US a month ago and that happened in the same institution around the same time.

Correct.(Hunger in the catholic Philippines). and correct (68.000 deaths a year according to the WHO in developing countries due to unsafe abortions; and correct"…Millions of aids-orphans"

I found the story in a San Antonio paper of all places.

In addition to the 37 boys, 40 girls in the same town may have been done in.

Sexually abused children were sterilized.
20,000 children sexually abused by the Catholic Church in Holland over the last 65 years.

Well, they weren’t providing the abortions. I think it’s more accurate to say that their protectionist policies prop up a sanguinary black market than that they’re slaughtering wholesale.

BBC Documentary Exposes Baby Trafficking Scandal by Catholic Church in Spain

Meanwhile. Down Under.

Yea. ‘Deeply regrettable’. Is that two or three steps above ‘whoopsie’?

It is three steps above being Paternolistic in nature…

The Catholic Church steals hundreds of thousands of children in one country and over 150,000 in another country.


But that was a long time a go, like the last century! And they apologized, what more do you want?! And they meant well! And it was a few bad apples!


Sorry, between the scandal about the 16 yo pregnant girl that had to wait weeks to see if she would be allowed to get chemo, due to the Catholic-pushed total abortion ban, and the priest recently caught abusing a 15 yo girl (whose family he tried to bribe to drop the charges), I don’t feel very charitable towards the RCC these days.

Here’s how the punishment should go down-determine what the penalty is for kidnapping a single child is in each country, multiply it by the number of children kidnapped, and make the Catholic Church hand over enough officials to serve that many years with perhaps a maximum of 60 years per kidnapper. How many people would the Church have to hand over, do you suppose?

It does appear that the RCC believes that Christ died for our sins. THEIR sins, on the other hand, cannot be scoured away by the sacrifice of one holy man.

Apparently Banished Babies was a nice little earner in Ireland also.

USA and Canada

The Duplessis Orphans

Let’s hear it for the Catholic Church and their hag-ridden co-conspirators world-wide.

The Catholic Church is an international conspiracy against humanity and should be charged as an organisation with Crimes Against Humanity.

Catholic adoption agencies given only 45 days to transfer all children after gay adoption dust-up

‘Buy one, get one free’ works wonders for clearing surplus stock in most retail businesses.

Just trying to be helpful.

I wait for the steal the baby from its mother scandal to break here in the states.

Not to excuse anything but even “normal” people put into impossible situations and losing battles can start to do hideous things.

Hell in the criminally underfunded local public hospital among patients in coma unlikely to recover bed sores are used as a way to clear up beds, assuming that doesn’t work I’ve heard more than one case of accidental insulin overdose given to non-diabetic patients. They sent my brother in laws family out to buy band aids and saran wrap when he went in with third degree burns, no supplies.

Where the hell do you live? :eek: