Dutch Catholic sexual abuse of instititionalized boys? How about murder?

Remember that Dutch scandal debated in this thread? A boy, vicim of sexual abuse in an Catholic institution, speaks up. The Church tries to silence him by labelign him as “ insane, gay and seductive”. The treatment? Castration.

You might think that the Catholic church wouldn’t get any worse then castrating victims of sexual abuse and hushing it up. Well, it just has. How does Catholic sanctioned murder sound?

Dutch papers today list evidence for at least 37 mentally handicapped boys in that same Catholic institution, in the same period as the castration case, boys who have been murdered. That would have been in 1952-1954, by a brother Andreas, known as “ Brother Syringe”.

He and his 20 collegues, all Catholic brothers without much education or training, had to care for 450 severly handicapped young patients in what is described as a permanent losing battle against stench, filth, noise and moans of pain. The patients were all over the map; mentally disabled, wild and destructive, or just paralysed, spastic or malformed.
When even more patients came in from an even more understaffed institution, “Brother Syringe” took matters in his own hands, sanctioned by the Institutions doctors and management. He used the same poison (luminal) that the Nazis used ten years earlier to kill handicapped children.
Brother Andreas, from accounts of co-workers at the time and from his own memoirs, was a religious, faithful and rather dumb man. Not a psychopath. Just a dumb man in a sick, sick institution that had no business caring for mentally disabled children.

Horrendous if true, but I would prefer to see a cite preferably from a reputable news source rather than take your word for it.

It will take half a day before International news sources will get wind of it. [But](http:// http://www.nrc.nl/nieuws/2012/06/28/om-37-gehandicapten-mogelijk-omgebracht-in-jaren-vijftig/)hereare a coupleof Dutch news sources.

Oh, it moves faster then I thought: here are some sourcesin English.

Holy Fuck. That’s fucked up.


Brother Eichmann?

At least they’re making amend by excommunicating Hemlock Society members.

Of course, it would be a completely different matter, if the boys had been fetuses whom doctors determined would be born mentally disabled, etc. No killing those, my son! Anathema maranatha!

Yes this is a thread about abortion! rolls eyes so much, the smiley doesn’t suffice

The story is terrible… I can’t even imagine what else we might find out.

We might find out that men who put on the collar sometimes do so because they know The Pope will protect them as they use their cocks to plow through an unlimited supply of prepubescent boys.

Oh wait. We knew this already.

It’s all good. They weren’t real Christians.

Love to believe that. I’m Jewquapalian. Jewish / Quaker / Episcopalian.

My impression of a good Christian does not include child rape.

I think he might have been commenting on the conflict between being against abortion (aka the destruction of a fetus) but being Ok with what is indicated in the story (aka the destruction of grown person). And I’d have to agree with his sentiment.

I guess you’re going to need to work on your impression, because it not only needs to include rape but murder too.

I don’t think luminal was used much by Nazis although it probably was used in some cases.

In fact, phenobarbital (which luminal is) is a very humane way to go. It is the recommend method in the peaceful pill handbook.

I thought that Euthansia was tolerated for children in the Netherlands in certain circumstances nowadays?

Legal and constitutional.

“Suffer the little children to come unto Me . . .”

Here’s another source in English. Strange that the news hasn’t been picked up by the larger US news networks.

Yes, the Groningen Protocol.. Babies have to have a severe illness with unbearable suffering and no chance of improvement for doctors to even consider euthanasia. Situations that lead to de facto euthanasia in quite a few other countries too. The protocol spells out how to ask other medical opinions and how to decide. About 10-15 such cases happen a year in a population of 17 million people.

I just did some Googling and found nothing in the American press, but surprisingly to me, I found the story in the Irish Times. Really, that’s about the last place I would expect to see news so critical of the church. I guess the honeymoon is really over between Ireland and the church.